Customs: How do I fix the mechanism of my Beast Machines Battle Unicorn?

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by netkid, Apr 20, 2009.

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    Happened tonight,

    I have only transformed him twice since I bought him MISB back at Botcon 2007 from BBTS.

    I took him out of my storage and I tried his mechanism today and it seemed to not work fully, then he came apart.

    Nothing is broken, but I'm left with parts:

    1. His gray and translucent orange spark crystal piece with a long metal rod sticking out of it. There's a screw shaped end at the end of the rod.

    2. A small metal spring that is shaped like a musical note. It is curled at both ends, one circular, one flat and has been curled twice around into 1 "O" shape at the center.

    Kinda like this:

    3. His horse head and body.

    4. The rest of the toy (not important).

    Now, when I put the gray piece with the metal rod back in, I have to screw it in until the gray end meets up the a black plastic piece. Both ends of these pieces have halves of about 180 degrees from the circle shape that jut out and connect to work against one another when they are moved to activate the head butting action.

    By moving these parts, without the spring, they perform the head butt, but the unicorn head droops down because their is no spring to pull it back into position.

    If someone could possible study and maybe dissect their Battle Unicorn's mechanism, and possibly find a way to reassemble it then I will be very thankful.

    I will try to get pictures up tomorrow to help.

    Also, if anyone has done the same with Beast Wars Polar Claw's mouth mechanism (what makes his gray teeth drop down and spring back up) then I would need that too.


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