Customs: how big is Leader Starscream's head? (and other Menasor questions)

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Chaos Wolf, Jul 18, 2012.

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    Seeing as Inferno and Grapple are Voyagers, I was wondering what the scale is between their head and Starscream's head, seeing as Starscream's head is often used as a Menasor head. Is there a smaller scale head that would work better. The Body and limbs go as follows

    Motormaster: Solar Storm Grappel with reversed body, when in torso mode arms removed at bicep swivel, and shoulder kibble flipped over/ opened into a chestplate
    Wildrider: Gen. Hot Rod, Vehicle mode standing on robot mode feet
    Drag Strip: Classics. Dragstrip with one leg unfolded
    Dead End: RtS Jazz, one leg unfolded
    Breakdown: Gen. Red Alert, rear bumpers unfolded

    I'm figuring a stop to a Lego store would be helpful for connector joints. any suggestions?

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