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    This is my first fanfic, the story is set to be on Cybertron, hope you like it. I will write episode 2 soon, until then i'm very exicted to hear from you!.

    Ep 1 From decepticon to autobot

    Central hall, at Iacon.

    Optimus Prime reveals himself at the entrance, and people are screaming after him.

    Optimus: Autobots!, today i will take of my busy work as a Prime and acknowledge your curious questions.

    Then someone suddenly showed up disguised in a big cap.

    ???: Optimus Prime, please help me!.

    Optimus: Why are you in such a hurry?.

    ???: I'm a decepticon, not a autobot, but i want to be one!.

    Then the mystery guy dropped the cap, and everyone could see he wasn't an autobot, the civilie autobots is shouting at him, and he looked at them in sadness.

    Random autobot 1: Look he has red eyes!.
    Random autobot 2: It's a DECEPTICON!

    The were around four guards quickly grapped the decepticon, and the decepticon didn't resist.

    Optimus: Everyone calm down!.

    The loud scene turned to silence.

    Autobot guard: What do we do with him, lock him up?.

    Optimus: You can let him go at the first place.

    Ratchet is seen next to Optimus, and whispering so the audience can't hear them.

    Ratchet whispering: What do you think you're doing?.

    Optimus ignorred Ratchet and looked at the decepticon in a inquisiti way.

    Optimus: What is your name?.

    Jetfire: My name is Jetifre.

    Optimus: And why do you intend to be an autobot?.

    Jetfire: My life is miserably as a decepticon, i don't want to be a decepticon anymore, because of the chaos and ugly things they do, i do not agree with they growing anger of power.

    Optimus: Tho i'm concerned how you manage to get in Iacon?.

    Jetfire: I just came flying here.

    Optimus: so you can fly.

    Optimus whispering: Ratchet, is it posibly for him to be an autobot in anyway?

    Ratchet whispering: According to the golden codex, a deception who want to be an autobot can only be archieved by having blue eyes, that can only be done if you have done more good than bad.

    Optimus whispering: Then he just need to do some good actions.

    Ratchet whispering: What do you have in mind?.

    Optimus whispering: Revealing information.

    Optimus: Everyone listen, i know i've said this before, but i say it again. freedom is the right of all sentient beings, which can also mean a decepticon have the right to be an autobot, but will have to go throughout some good karma to archive the blue eyes. Guards please bring him to the high council nicely, to hear what they have to say. I will go ahead to the high council while Ratchet will do the requests.

    Then at the high council tower.

    Optimus: High council!, i'm now here with the first decepticon Jetfire who want to be an autobot, can that be accepted?.

    Sentinel Prime is a member of the high council, he and Optimus are the only Primes left. Sentinel speaks in a very old scratch voice.

    Sentinel: Only if he has something good to act.

    Optimus: Jetfire, since you were behind enemy lines, can you reveal what Megatron and co. are up to?.

    Jetfire: Unfortunate not, in all my entire life i was with a decepticon resistance against Megatron because some didn't agree with him, but more of the resistance joined Megatron instead, and the rest who didn't join was all killed. Me and a few tried to escape, but i was likely the only one who wanted to join the autobots, That's why i'm here to be in the autobot army in order to fight the decepticons.

    Sentinel: Permission granted.

    Sentinel then did a quick spell on Jetfire, and in a split second Jetfire has blue eyes, Optimus was shocked.

    Optimus: Thank Primus!, i didn't know you can do that.

    Sentinel: I didn't taught you everything i know.

    Optimus: Wish you had.

    Sentinel: But i didn't.

    Jetfire is surprised.

    Jetfire: Wow! am i now a...

    Sentinel: Yes you are.

    Jetfire: But why so suddenly?.

    Sentinel: Simple because you showed humbleness, and wise enough to join us instead.

    Jetfire: Is that really it?.

    Sentinel: Pretty much. You are known as the only first decepticon to join the autobots, i give you very much credit for that. Now go be with Optimus and the army.

    Jetfire bows.

    Jetfire: Thank you very much!.

    At the corridor out from the high council tower.

    Jetfire: Who was that i was talking to?.

    Optimus: Sentinel Prime. He retired his rank as the previous autobot leader because he's too old and gave the leadership to me.

    Optimus: I've to admid it's really cool of you to come to Iacon, we can always use a courage like you have.

    Optimus and Jetfire handshakes.

    Optimus: Let me show my friends, i'm sure you get along.

    Meanwhile at the decepticon HQ, at Kaon. Megatron has sat on his command chair ready to command.

    Megatron: Soundwave!.

    Soundwave introduces.

    Soundwave: Yes lord Megatron.

    Megatron: Transform into that boombox and put some good music!.

    Soundwave: As you command lord Megatron.

    Soundwave transforms, and turns on cybertronian rock.

    End of episode 1
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    Not bad, it's like a lost episode of the G1 toon or something. I enjoyed it.
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    Thank you!, you just use your imagination on how you want them to look :D .
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    cool :thumb  please continue :)  !!!
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