House of M #5

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    Agggghh!!! Why is this damn series going so slow!? Do they really just have THAT little to work with, or what?!

    I mean, cool, great, the X-Men and the New Avengers are all somewhat reunited and back to normal. Awesome. But why did it take an entire fucking issue to have this happen!?

    Remember GLA #2? "The No-List"? With, like, 3 or 4 pages of like 30 or 40 heroes all saying, "No"? That sort of thing would've worked great here (although I confess to letting out a little, "Yay!" each time they showed a character I liked getting "woken up").

    The last page is a real shocker, though...I wonder if it's a farce, or if it's the real deal.

    In any case, I'm also concerned about HoM: Spider-Man...seeing as how this issue basically sets up that he's back to normal now, does that make his HoM miniseries defunct now? Or is this spoiling said series by implying that Peter's life doesn't go to total, homeless shit after the mini?

    In any case...we're 3 issues away from the big finale of House of M, and I feel like, instead of doing several tie-ins and miniseries in the rest of the MU, we'd benefit more from a slightly more consolidated (or simply more pages per issue) story that talked about what the heroes were up to, with various stories and "Tales from the House of M" or whatever (see Daredevil: Decalogue for a decent example of what they should've done). Right now, HoM feels like a very spongy cake...might be yummy, but it's practically like consuming sensation of being "full" at all.
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    Yeah, House of M is suffering from some horrible pacing. So far, we've gotten what could probably fill a little over two issues drawn out into five. At this rate, the ending is either going to be horribly rushed or incredibly anti-climactic. In either case, it's not going to be pretty.

    The conversation between Spider-Man and Wolverine was nice. Still, it raises the question of how, if at all, the main miniseries is going to tie in with Spidey HoM. I'm starting to get the impression that the HoM tie-ins are going to have the same continuity gaps that plague the regular Marvel Universe. :rolleyes2 
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    the sad part is we are not 3 issues form the end. After this, we'll have DeciMation. I think they are using theis as the bulk of the concept but the resolution will not be decided until that. I'd wager dollars to doughnuts that the last page of HoM 8 will be the same as the last page to HoM 1, blank as mostly everything returns to normal.
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    My thoughts mirror that as well. I'd hate to have everything finished at the end of the mini. If this series issupposed to change the MU it damn welll not better not end after 8 issues of greatness.

    And while I agree the pacing is slow, I think it's warrented here. Everything it is meant to happen one event at a time and every issue with 'slow pacing' is still a well written issue with some great moments ala issue 2.

    Although I share the concerns with the mini I'm hoping everything will fit by the last issue. I mean, this is such a large scale event that I hope Marvel took the time to sync everything up nicely(although the three issue Wolverine arc can't possibly fit unless it takes place before the first isue of HoM; same with the Exiles I'd imagine).

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