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Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Knightdramon, Oct 16, 2009.

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    Hello all

    Please forgive if not the appropriate place to sell these, but I've seen people here selling motherboards\computers and GI Joes, so here's a try.

    I'm desperately trying to clear up some space and earn money from figures I never display. Everything is mint in box [opened and displayed briefly]. I'd rather sell but I'm open to trades, looking for transformers, macross and soul of chogokin only.

    As before, I only accept paypal and ship worldwide from Greece, Europe. Here's the list

    HT Resident Evil 4 Leon RPD version--280 USD shipped. I've seen him everywhere on e-bay for over 350 USD, mind you.
    HT Resident Evil 4 Ganado\Krauser transformed version--take either for about 85 USD shipped or get both shipped loose for 110 USD.---
    HT Bank Robber Joker--immaculate condition, but includes original Joker's head instead of the one he came with. Slicked back hair-head included as well. 110 USD shipped

    Prices are more than fair.

    Thanks for looking!

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