Heavy/Scratch: Horsepower and Playback

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by Alteron_Sheng, May 21, 2010.

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    This unit started as a joke that rather got out of hand as I went.
    Nightbeat is one of my favorite marvel comic charaters, and when I found out that he had a 'universe' toy I was delighted and planned to get him once I had a chance. Looking up some new information about him, I found out that another repainted Hot Shot toy that I had (Getaway) had been a team-mate of his in DW comics. That lead to me taking a headless Armada Hot Shot and giving him a TFA Blurr head and new paint job to make him into Siren. Then I decided well, why not take another damaged Hot shot toy (Blue Cybertron mold with a broken waist and hips) and turn him into Joyride with a swivel waist? Then I looked up which characters had worked with Nightbeat from marvel and DW and on a whim looked up the number of differant Hot Shot molds and found out that I had enough variations to make the WHOLE team out of Hot Shot molds... Well, I owned all of them except a second red legends Hot Shot and Nightbeat!
    So with everyone except Playback, Lug and Nightbeat finished, I figured I might as well show my insanity. ;) 
    I'll be showing off the team in groups of two, for the most part the 'master pairs.
    Playback is still a WIP, as I'm debating his paint-scheme (I'll probably dye him blue due to how Marvel comics tended to use shades of blue as their background character color-schemes). He's a McDonalds Hot Shot that I had laying around and decided would work for the 'dead on arrival' Playback;) 

    Horsepower is the one who ranks this as a heavy build.
    I modified a gray superlink Hot Shot so that his head was attached between his shoulders instead of to his backpack/hood. To make Hot Shot's large optics and helm-prongs look more like Horsepower's, I removed much of the helm that went along the bottom of his head. I carved a segment of the blue 'engine block' to give his head clearance for transforming. The new chestplate comes from a blue Cybertron Hot Shot who was modified into Joyride with a swivel waist and thus didn't need is very lovely chestplate. That the chest also works almost perfectly for Horsepower's one cameo;) 
    Hot shot was disassembled and the segment between the chest and backplate was removed, and the upward facing prongs for the combining tech were cut off with a dremel, then was smoothed over with sculpy. His hips were also modified so that they stopped splitting apart. After that it was down to panel-lining and some silver paint.
    I used a Superlink Hot Shot for Horsepower because the alt-mode is just about spot-on, but most importantly the head had the helm-prongs and the big optics that were so unique to Horsepower, that combined with the new chest and paint job would mean that he'll look different enough from Nightbeat once I get NB.

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    Awesome idea! The use of McDonalds Hotshot is daring...and in a way...quite genius!
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    THis is a sweet bash.
    Very creative!

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