Hopes and fears for Transformers

Discussion in 'Transformers Comics Discussion' started by Cheebs, Mar 4, 2010.

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    The latest issue of Transformers (Thundercraker's issue) was awesome. It finally set up something truly interesting... but it also foreshadows a Swindle double cross that could very easily return everything to the same boring status quo.

    First the good: There really is no reason for Autobot/Decepticon sides right now. The war is over. Everybody is just trying to survive. Hot Rod's alliance makes all the sense in the world. These Decepticons have no motivation to kill and conquer "just because". Megatron and Starscream have a special brand of insanity that pushes them to do so. Both of them rule through fear so others follow. So it makes sense that Decepticons have motivations that amount to nothing more than "evil" when those two are around. Those two aren't around right now.

    Swindle has motivations to look out for himself. He is a weasel. It makes sense that he is setting up a double-cross. Again, all good.

    So a shit-storm is coming. All good.

    My worry:
    That when Swindle makes his move, the players all fall back to Autobot and Decepticon sides "just because".

    There are so many ways to divide things up right now, and Autobot Vs Decepticon is by far the least interesting and makes the least sense.

    So please, give us one of the following:
    Those who want to stay Vs those who want to leave
    Humans Vs robots
    Those who want the old ways (Magnus and followers) Vs those who want change (Hot Rod and Thundercracker and followers)
    Those who respect/admire human life (Thundercracker, Bumblebee and followers) Vs those who would preserve their own kind at the expense of a life form perceived as "inferior" (Hot Rod, Swindle, Magnus, and followers)

    Just please, don't let Swindle's impending double cross reset everything to Autobot Vs Decepticon. Save the return of "Decepticons" for the return of Megatron. And keep that a loooong way off in the future. It could go on for years without Megs restoring the status quo and I'd be a happy man.
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    I think we've seen in the marvel comics that the comic series can diverge from one "status quo" to another, and keep them going for a little while, but given the current status of the brand, especially the comics, I think that sooner or later its going to be back to business as usual, unfortunately.
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    Swindle's doublecross that we're all expecting might not come as soon as we all think. For all we know, he could be planning to convince Rodimus into fighting with the other Autobots and using Devestator/Menasor for their own group's cause. I think Swindle is definately clever enough to manipulate the Autobots into fighting each other.

    Also, it would be interesting to see if Thundercracker takes his new found respect for the humans to the point where he actually aligns himself with them.

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