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    Hoping someone can help.

    My speakers need turned right up to get any sound out of them, the sound is really trebley, with voices being hardly audible. There seems to be no bass, it sounds like an echo/reverb setting on an equaliser.

    I've checked the soundcard's settings and equaliser, and run it's diagnostic, all are OK. Checked the wires and connections, OK too.

    I've tried playing music from different sources, itunes, windows media, CD, on the net, all are the same. I've restarted the computer, but no effect.

    It was fine yesterday, just been like this since I turned it on tonight. I've only been in hotmail, nothing suspicious looking there, ebay, and on here. Through a link here I listened to one of Tony's tracks - which brought my attention to the poor sound quality in the first place.

    I'm stumped as everything seems fine, but something obviously isn't.

    I'm running Windows XP, IE7? (most recent for XP), with a Creative Soundblaster 24-bit soundcard. Never had a problem with sound before.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

    EDIT: It's fixed itself! All I've done is post here a couple of times, I've not even turned the speakers on/off again. Still stumped, but pleased now.

    Thanks for moving this mods, could be closed now.
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