HO SCALE G-1 Tyco Train set NMIB f/s

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Darthbetta, Mar 29, 2006.

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    HO SCALE G-1 Tyco Train set For sale
    I have a complete in box with all cardboard parts, tracks, controller, transformer power pack, and all the cars for the train as well as a working engine and instructions. I have 90 % of the little plastic robots that are supposed to be autobots and decepticons, but they look nothing like transformers. THis is a rare piece of TRANSFORMER collectables that is hard to find even in crappy incomplete condition.

    I really don't want to part with it, but I have my real car project to complete, and still owe a grand on taxes to the IRS for this year.

    I was going to list it as 250.00 on E-bay, but I figure I offer it to you guys first here for 200.00 including shipping.




    ps: I'll post pics later.

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