Hm. I think I'm done. Goodbye, Lost Light.

Discussion in 'Transformers Comics Discussion' started by RNSrobot, May 13, 2017.

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    Can you give me an example of where it has gone further, where proportionate representation of different groups has been achieved and people are still calling for more diversity?

    I think you can go a bit further than that - because what that number is certainly counts for something. We don't demand or expect that half of all fictional characters to be gay because nowhere near half of all humans are gay. But we *do* agitate for half of all fictional characters, or thereabouts, to be women, because women make up roughly half the population. And for much more representation of minority ethnic groups, because they make up about a fifth of the population in white Western countries.

    I agree with you that the focus on relationships in LL just isn't done well enough, or isn't arresting enough on its own, to justify itself. I'm in the camp that says the Cyclonus / Tailgate relationship reached its peak in MTMTE with the fake-out death and has been cloying ever since. Anode and Lug simply haven't earned their place - especially galling as Roberts is usually very adept at thinking ahead, and I'd have thought that if he felt it necessary to include a gay female couple then he could have started easing them in a long time ago, given them a better reason for turning up and got readers to care about them as individuals before bringing in the romance angle. That's what worked with Chromedome and Rewind.

    I've often said that I think Roberts needs a better editor. It's pretty normal for writers to be blind to their own flaws or to increasingly caricature their own styles - and the job of an editor would be to put a second pair of eyes on the job and keep the author from going down that path.
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    Ditto all this.

    Yeah, me too. I've got no time for this tired strawman of an argument. Too bad it's still alive & well at TFW. Have to wonder if we'd still have TAAO without the virulent anti-women strain of "kill Windblade" posts.

    Barring anything truly awful, I will always buy the monthly Thor & Transformers comics. I used to include Spider-Man in this list, but One More Day meant that I couldn't muster any more enthusiasm for Spider-Man. Renew Your Vows & Superior are the only exceptions since.

    The only time I've ever dropped the monthly TF book were 1) the Brad Mick series and 2) the Mike Costa run. So the current level of quality is nowhere near "drop it" levels for me but it's definitely gone from being the highlight of the month to being pretty good. It's still better than TAAO or OP, which both give off an air of "the writer knows what they're doing but the reader will have to figure it out."

    I miss Milne. I enjoyed the Functionist story more than, say, the Sunder story or the charisma vampires. But the writing doesn't captivate me like it did all through Season 1 and during Dying of the Light. Still, I enjoy the book. Is it terrible to just enjoy a book? Some of the initial charm has worn off, but I feel that way about all my favorite comics. Invincible & Saga are just reliably good now--it's human nature for me not to think "god, that's brilliant!" when I'm so used to a story.

    It is weird that I don't reread it several times, like I used to--in fact, I haven't reread a single issue of Lost Light since it started, even though I've now got a complete arc to go through. However, the lack of Milne art is one thing that discourages me from rereading. He had such great composition and such attention to detail that it was awesome to look the book over again. And the whole thing with the new artist was an absolute mess. IDW tells Milne nothing. Roberts says on Twitter that Milne & Lawrence are alternating arcs. Milne replies that he's heard nothing about this. All of this in the wake of John Barber leaving as editor, so to Focks' point above--Barber was clearly a better editor than the new batch.

    As for whether or not the book is to twee and too focused on relationships... maybe? I think that JR cares a lot about these characters and is also trying to create tension over a long period of time, so sometimes that tension is patently fake--like blowing Cyclonus up for "Goodbye little one." I also think that he shot a good portion of his wad in Season 1. Of course he's been carrying around ideas for a TF comic for years; I know I have. But Season 1 was bound to get his most advanced, interesting and well-developed ideas. He also apparently had a big event planned for Season 2 that he had to forestall & wasn't able to do because of Combiner Wars--IIRC. Inflatable Dalek will remember what it is.

    Still, I don't get how anyone can actively dislike this comic or think that Roberts has totally lost it. It's still got more clever dialogue and more out-there crazy-cool stories than the other TF books and a lot of regular books. It feels like late-80s Claremont. Not the Byrne years, but worth your money every month.

    TL;DR it's not as good as it used to be but I am nowhere close to dropping it.
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    Current Marvel, the comics division, not the movies. They've hit or surpassed all the numbers and people are still calling for more.

    The tough part is really everything is case by case basis. You have a great story centered on women. You have great story about Native Americans. You have a great war story from the trenches. Hell you just have any particular audience in mind. I just don't want to make demographics a totally legitimate tool for attacking fiction. I think we should strive for diversity where it's applicable. That's why I attacked demographics and their importance like I did. I think we agree for the most part.

    Can't argue with any of that. I'll add that the Domius (that was his name right?) reveal was so rushed and felt so small for something that should of felt bigger. It really shit on the one good romance he created. Why he rushed that while everything else at the time was being dragged out, I don't know. It deserved more spotlight.

    Roberts does need a better editor no doubt. Someone higher up the IDW ladder needs to ask why his editor isn't doing their job. I am sympathetic to the pitfalls of writing, but I still think Roberts should take some of the blame.

    Thanks for talking this out. I know you didn't like my earlier post. That's been a nice thing about this thread, people willing to talk it out.
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    Personally I've actually stopped buying LL just cos it doesn't really do anything for me. My biggest gripe is probably the attempts at humour. Sorry but for my taste Roberts isn't even slightly funny and I do at times get the impression he's let certain praise go to his head and now is trying to be funny and going over the top with the 'jokes', but for me it got too cringey and embarrassing to read a while ago. To be fair I guess humour is different for different people though. I'm not really into the relationship stuff either, but then I'm not into that sort thing in any fiction - just not what I go for. Didn't mind some of the early stuff - cyclones/tailgate and in particular each Ratchet and drift (different type of relationship I know). The fact that some of the relationships make good analogies to gay/same sex couples does strike me as a strange reason for disliking a comic book though. Don't want to go any further on this topic though as I've had this discussion before here on other threads a few times.
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