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Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by Mrs. Maximo, Nov 14, 2008.

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    Hi guys! Mrs. Maximo here. My husband asked me to sign up and post here, because he has a couple TF wants for Xmas. I'm looking to the guys I've met at his philly meet ups like hotspot17, shockwing, liokaiser, Dr Kent?, $5 Hot Rod, to help me out. PLease PM me so we can set something up and he won't find out about it. He won't read my PMs, he likes surprises. He gave me the names of some of his friends, and the names of the things he's looking for.

    I know he's looking for 3 things, and while I can't get all of them, any one would be good. He's interested in x-9 Ravage, Botcon 2001 Tigatron, and something called a Blizzard Saber? I have a $100 budget, that i can go over a little, but not like $150 or $200... so Simon, Hector, John, Dave, and anyone else here who knows him but doesn't live in Philly. if you could help me that would be great.


    Mrs. Maximo
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    You should be able to PM any of them directly for help. Also once you've made contact with them via PM I'd delete this thread, just to keep your husband guessing.

    Good luck

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