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    Hey guys after playing FOC and seeing the end credits you get a really nice size comparison between the dinobots and the regular autobot decepticon cast, meaning they are pretty big. Now I am a person who tries to keep thier collection in scale and I've seen previous dinobot figures and all of them are too small for my CHUG figures. The new FOC grimlock is nice and they have it stated as a voyager but I have a feeling that might be a little small as well. I'm basing this off of several things.
    1.) Dinobots are smaller then Devastator (not too small though maybe up to torso)
    2.) ultra magnus is about same size height as grimlock in dino mode (ref from movie)
    3.)Optimus is smaller then grimlock always stares up at him when up close.

    Now g1/ classics grimlock is way too small, animated is better size then others but still too small.Hopefully the Foc grimlock is a good size and they do the rest of the Dinobots, Masterpiece grimlock Is SUPRISINGLY scaled perfectly for the classics line beleive it or not. He is smaller then TFC hercules but not to small, Fans project city commander is close to his height, and his dino mode is bigger the deluxe like it is supposed to be (has to have that towering kind of character) Only problem with the masterpiece grimlock is that he is by himself, no other dinobots. I'd like to know if any of you share a similar dilemna and what you would recomend.

    Also is thier any1 who here who has done masterpiece dinobots as customs b4, can link maybe pics of thier previous work, is willing to do them again with paint applied, and can pm me pricing of how much it would cost and what not for the custom work.
    Any1 who played it and beat it find it BS by the way that they killed of one of the dinobots in jazz's and cliffjumper's story when they find him in the hallway, thus you only see 4 instead of the normal 5 dinobots.

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