Hewlett Packard HP 2215 Pocket PC

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    Hey guys, I know its not a Transformer item...but I got this as a gift about a year or two ago, and have barely used it. My family and my girlfriend all chipped in and got it for me as a way to celebrate my promotion at work. I thought it would come in handy, but I just don't have the chance to use it as often as I want. (The nature of my business just doesn't allow it.)

    In essence, I'd rather have money for more Transformers, or for buying extras to Kitbash...since I am having a lot of fun with it as my new hobby!

    Its a HP Pocket PC 2215, and its great for staying organized, and can do almost anything a full-size computer can. It comes with versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, Reader, Media Player, Outlook, Messenger, Explorer and is great for keeping music/videos/photos with you, and various other things.

    It has Bluetooth, so you can also use it to print to BlueTooth printers, or talk to your Bluetooth enabled cell phones.

    It even has infrared so you can control your television, DVD player, and other electronic devices.

    In addition, one of the coolest features is that its great for emulators...you can play Nintendo Game ROMs, Gameboy ROMs, Sega Genesis ROMs, and lots more!

    I am throwing in a bunch of extras that I picked up over time...including extra memory, screen protectors, and a modem. (Most of these items are from another Pocket PC I had in college, but work perfectly with this newer model.)

    Give it a good home guys, and if you have any questions, feel free to post here, or send me a PM!

    HP 2215 Pocket PC Auction @ e-Bay

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