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    This list is specifically for those going to TFCon in Toronto.
    I would love to make some PRE show deals . Please feel free to PM me about anything on here.

    Highest Priority: If you have a missile from a Sam's Clue Exclusive Yellow RID Prime please let me know.

    If you have any of the following, please send me a PM



    HIGH Priority

    Animated Optimus Prime (Battle Begins) (Pending)
    Animated Megatron (Battle Begins) (Pending)
    Animated Optimus Prime (Voyager, with silver Autobot symbol on his shoulder)
    Beast Wars Dinotbot (Transmetal 2)
    Beast Wars Megatron (Transmental 2) (Pending)
    Beast Wars Tarantulas (Transmental 2)
    Beast Wars Tigatron (Telemocha)
    Energon Omega Sentinel (For the "right price")
    Music Label Blaster
    Music Label Soundwave (Blue) (Pending)
    Universe 2.0 Legends G1 Jazz

    Medium Priority

    Alternators Wheeljack
    Animated Bulkhead (Voyager) (Pending)
    Animated Elite Guard Bumblebee (Pending)
    Animated Hydrodive Bumblebee
    Animated Blazing Lockdown (Pending)
    Animated Megatron (Voyager) (Pending)
    Animated Wingblade Prime
    Animated Sunstorm (Pending)
    Armade Nemesis Prime
    Armada Skywarp
    Beast Machines Night Slash Cheetor
    Beast Wars B'Boom (Pending)
    Beast Wars Ramulus
    Cybertron Galvatron (Pending)
    Cybertron Jetfire (Pending)
    Cybertron Optimus Prime (Legends) (Pending)
    Cybertron Megatron (Legends)
    Cybertron Starscream (Legends)
    Cybertron Evac (Legends)
    Generation 1 Beachcomber
    Generation 1 Brawn
    Generation 1 Cliffjumper
    Generation 1 Cyclonus
    Generation 1 Gears
    Generation 1 Hound
    Generation 1 Huffer
    Generation 1 Rumble
    Generation 1 Scorponok
    Generation 1 Seaspray
    Generation 1 Shockwave
    Generation 1 Warpath
    Generation 1 Windcharger
    Henkei Astrotrain
    Revenge of the Fallen Hoist (+ Mixmaster)
    Universe King Atlas
    Universe Sam's Yellow RID Optimus Prime (Pending)
    Universe Sam's Ultra Magnus (Pending)
    Universe Optimus Prime (Spychanger)
    Beast Wars Second Galvatron (Pending)

    Low Priority

    Beast Machines Jetstorm
    Beast Machines Obsidian
    Beast Machines Strika
    Beast Machines Tank Drone
    Beast Wars Cicadacon
    Beast Wars Ram Horn
    Beast Wars Sea Clamp
    Beast Wars Terragator
    Beast Wars Metals Ravage
    Generation 1 Highbrow
    Generation 1 Optimus Prime
    Generation 1 Rewind
    Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus (Pending)
    Titanium Grimlock
    Titanium RID Prime
    Universe 2.0 Skyfall
    Universe 2.0 Areial Rivals (Legends 5-pack)
    Universe 2.0 Special Team Leaders (Legends 5-pack)
    Universe 2.0 Overkill
    Universe 2.0 Springer
    Universe 2.0 Treadbolt (Pending)
    Universe 2.0 Leo Prime (Red)
    Universe Trypticon (Legends)
    Universe Menasor (Legends)
    Universe Whirl (Legends)
    Universe Jetfire (Legends)
    Universe 2.0 G2 Megatron (Legends)
    Henkei Rodimus
    Challenge at Cybertron 3 Pack (Cyclonus, Rodimus, Galvatron)
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