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    Greetings. Some of you may know me, others perhaps not. My handle is "Rodimus_2316," and I'm working on starting a series of virtual Transformer story-continuations, continuing official stories to their proper end, including getting in the last number of toy-characters that never made it in them. The first major project I'm focusing on right now is a continuation of the U.S. G1 cartoon, continuing season 4 from the Rebirth trilogy episodes, meaning an extension of that same season, but with fanfic virtual-episodes.

    The process works like this: It's 1987, and Hasbro has stopped production on the U.S. G1 toon, and the last writers are gone. Japan has already decided to ignore the Rebirth episodes, and do their own shows (Headmasters, etc.). However, instead of keeping the U.S. show cancelled, this time they hire new cartoon-makers (us, fictional ones) to continue the show, to promote the toy-characters of that time (1987). They had Optimus Prime revived previously, but realized that wasn't going to be enough to keep viewer-interest, realizing that omitting old/previous characters angered U.S. viewers, so they now let the new writers use old characters to a limited extent, if they so wish. What we'll *actually* do is write fanfics that play out like actual G1 eps written at-the-time (any writing-format is fine, as long as it's ep-ish), with artists reading them and drawing "screen-captures" that will fit around the fanfic-eps when posted. This is all to be posted on our site in the Episode Guide section. The actual season intros and outros will also be posted there, along with the fan-made ones (I've already made a Virtual Season 4 intro, but have yet to post it). There are bonus sections, such as a Character Guide, which'll have profile-cel art and descriptions of the virtual season 4 cast; a Submissions section talking about how to join, and more.

    We have a few people still confirmed on staff, but we are still in dire need of help. Here is a list of what we need, what the job entails, and how to join and do it:

    Job #1: As said, we need writers to write fanfic virual-episodes, in any format they want (script, prose, whatever). If you want to write in true G1 script form, there are a few examples at this site to work off of: If you need any help, myself and Twincast2 (the two story-editors) can assist you in whatever you need. Lists of all the 1987/virtual-season-4 TF toy cast:

    Again, there's the option of using old characters (meaning U.S. G1 characters from 1984-1986 that weren't also released in 1987), but try not to do it too much. Just think, if you were actually writing the show back-in-the-day, how far do you think you could go (based on what you already saw of all the real eps concerning original characters also)?

    Job #2: The 1987/VS4 cast profiles, in the Character Guide page, need to be written. I'm working on it, but need some assistance from those interested. I'm taking bits from the techspecs mostly, and adding stuff that only apply to the toon-versions.

    Type up 3 pages of a story you have in mind, regular 10-12 pt size font (no cheating!), then a detailed summary of the rest, followed by detailed summaries of all other episodes you can think of. This'll confirm to us that someone really wants to write with us.

    Job #1: Each fanfic-episode needs artists to read them, and draw around 10-15 images representing "screen-captures." The art needs to at least somewhat look like G1 toon art.

    Job #2: On the Episode Guide page, each new Virtual Season needs it's own representation pic. There's the official ones for both seasons 1&2 and 3, as you can already see on the site (and the poster for TFTM). One is needed for virtual season 4. A separate one, just for season 2 itself, may be needed.

    Job #3: On the Chracter Guide page, there'll be animation cels that resemble profile-worthy art. Now, I've found 2 sites in the past that had official G1 "profile-cels" (one of them no longer up, but the other you can find here:, but it doesn't cover all of the 1987 cast. However, IDW but out a b&w book called "The Ark" (Vol. 1) a year or more ago, which has "proflie-cels" of about all the G1 TFs from 1984-1987, and I'll be scanning and posting them to fill in the rest. Someone will be needed to color-ize these, as well as possibly touch-up on the tan-ish background parts from the online ones.

    Show us some of your work, either by drawing some pic or pics related to our project, and a site you have that has your art on it, or something like that. Art needs to at least somewhat resemble G1 toon art, except for the "season-representation" pics from the Episode Guide page, as they look different. In the end, it probably doesn't matter how their art looks, as long as it's decent-looking.

    Promo-Video Makers:
    Job #1: When a definate release date is decided on for the release of the first episode (and VS4 opening sequence), 1-3 promo-videos would be nice to promote that eventual start. I have some scripts in mind, and I'm willing to hear others as well.

    Job #2: The VS4 opening sequence I mentioned: I'd like to add a credits-thing at the end, saying I made it, and showing the URL to our site. This would be put on to help attract more attention.

    Submissions: As with Artists, show us past video-work from somewhere, and we'll work out what to do.

    First assignment: Transfer all files from the old site ( to the new one (
    Second assignment: Add more essentials to the site, such as the real-show intros/outros, the season-rep pics, profiles, profile-pics, FAQ, Submissions Guidelines, etc., everything for before the project starts.
    Third assignment: Add VS4 intro, and virtual eps with "screen-caps" when it's time, and then watch over site continuously.

    Submissions: Past and/or current experience in webmastering, or at least proven knowledge of good web site coding.

    We've already got one artist, Optimus8404, who's agreed to do the VS4 representation pic, and some "screen-grabs" when the eps start. Not sure if he'll do the profile-cel coloring work. And cyber_megatron has contacted me about the webmaster position, and a few others.

    I also have a "(Sunbow) G.I. Joe: Virtual Season 3" project I'm trying to start. I've found a Joe-fan who has good VS3 layout ideas, and hope others may want to join and contribute as well. We need a website started, first of all.

    For more info on Virtual Television in general, please check this major Virtual TV "station": Phoenix Virtual Television ( Their FAQ section should answer a lot, and there are other virtual TV shows still linked to it, last time I checked. I'm trying to get back in touch with them, to get G1 back on their list, but so far, no luck.

    We also have a forum now. Please come and visit:

    Thoughts? Questions? Suggestions?

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