Customs: help needed, want to custom prime into G1 color.

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by editnis, Oct 29, 2009.

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    Ok guys and girls, i just brought a air brush compressor with an airbrush. and i need help.

    TESTORS BABY AIR COMPRESSOR/AIRBRUSH SILVER 50204 NEW - eBay (item 180425526323 end time Oct-29-09 01:46:40 PDT)

    i got testors gold, blue and red paint, but whats the best paint for leader rotf Prime, going to use aluminum spary paint for the slivering.
    main point
    - any other tools i'm missing, where to get a needle for that brush?
    - how would i paint him. spray him twice???
    - how to gloss him?
    - how to take him a part, what tools are needed?
    - face is going to be hard any ideas?

    this going to cost me alot, but worth it just to have this.
    leader class rotf optimus prime G1 color - Transformersbay Forums
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    But... redirecting him to where he'd best get his questions answered is helping.

    Anyway, there've been a good number of ROTF Prime repainted in the G1 scheme in the Radicons section here (which I think is funny that your link linked back to). Search their threads, read what work they did. Also, there should be some tutorials to read on painting in that section.
    Any hobby shop, really.
    Not quite. You'll want to wash off the clear coat and paint that's currently on the figure first. You might have to sand & primer also before even going over with paint.
    Clear coat. There's several kinds and brands out there that each give different effects. Spend some time in a hobby shop and ask the person working there.
    I'd imagine several different sizes of screwdrivers primarily. I haven't taken the figure apart myself, but it's what gets used most taking apart other figures. You'll also want to buy some cheap WalMart ziplok bags to keep screws, springs, and parts in.
    Paint it by hand. I don't think there'll be any other way around that.

    That's all I got, I'm sure you can get lots of help from many other members here. Good luck.

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