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    I'm making a G1 Virtual Season 4 Extension site, with the first virtual episode, and intro (both by myself), currently posted on the site's Episode Guide page (see sig for link). I've also posted the intro on youtube:

    I made it back in the 90's, in my college computer lab, with an old Adobe Premiere program. I got the videos from, which are small, thus the pixilation shown. I just recently got Premiere Elements 9 for my home computer, and even found better-video replacements on youtube, but am having problems getting the program to work for me. Would it be alright to ask if someone could make the new video for me? I can provide all the necessary youtube video-links, and even send them, in case the helper doesn't have a youtube downloader program. The soundtrack would stay the same. I do plan on also making virtual season 5 and beyond intros, at some point.

    FYI: "Virtual Television" is a kind of fanfiction where writers can write new "episodes" of a cancelled TV series, within "new" virtual seasons. Say you're a fan of a show that lasted 2 seasons? You and other fans could do a "virtual season 3," writing "episodes" that continue the show in any format you want. In our project, we'll be writing G1 season four episodes that continue from The Rebirth, sounding like they were actually made at that time (1987 right now), and continue the toy-character-intro pattern the real show went by (with the addition of being able to use out-of-production toy-characters to a degree).

    Here's the current main "Virtual Television Station," which our group is apart of:
    From the Ashes

    It should also be noted that "Virtual Television" can also be for fan-created shows. I heard years ago that someone did a "Star Trek: Excelsior" series, about Sulu's ship and crew.

    Go to my site's Episode Guide page, and my own first virtual episode is posted there, under the "Season 4/Virtual Season 4" section, as is the intro for download (right above it). Still working on a new draft of the next episode myself, then the rest of the staff will do the next some-odd number. What I really need help with at the moment is an upgrade of the VS4 intro, although we do accept new writers, which can be done by going through the Submissions page.

    If you have any more questions, just LMK.

    Please LMK.
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