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Discussion in 'Requests' started by Cybertronian, Mar 1, 2010.

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    Howdy, y'all.
    I've had in my head an idea for a Counter-Predaking gestalt team that was also meant to serve as a predecessor for the Beast Wars Maximals since 1996.

    To that end, I came up with a team of G1 Maximals. Although I'd decided on their beast modes awhile back, I now have figures who make nice representatives for each one.
    1. Lightnynx - Scout and cold weather specialist. represented by Fox Kids TM Cheetor.
    2. Razorbeast - greedy politician turned infantry fighter. represented by ... himself.
    3. Arman Kylo - former Dinobot. represented by Armada Dinobot Slapper.
    4. Talondres - techno-organic "mutant" wearing Cybertronian armor. represented by Fox Kids TM Airazor.
    5. Giganticlaw (w/ Chiropsilon) - team leader and early version of BW's Polar Claw. represented by BW Neo's Survive.
    Together, they'd merge to form the super warrior Savannius.

    What I need is for someone to help me build elements to make the 5 combine. "TM Cheetor" and "TM Airazor" will make up the right and left arms, while Slapper and Razorbeast will make the legs. Will someone be interested in helping me realize my vision in physical form?

    -- Cybertronian.

    P.S.: Any custom chestplate for Savannius or Giganticlaw should have a docking area for a Powermaster engine. (Skar is my personal preference.)

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