Help me pay my credit card bills! (classic, movie, third party)

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    Being the consumer whore I am, I need help in paying down the bills! letting a few things go for now, will add more later as I become more desperate. LOL.

    Due to my work schedule I can only ship out on Mondays and Fridays. If I can manage to get to the post office any earlier during the week, I will ship then. Also, please note that I am shipping from Canada, so sometimes that can get a little expensive.

    ~PRICES NOT SET IN STONE - Please make offers!~

    I only accept Paypal as a method of payment

    Pictures available on Rrequest

    All figures include instructions and ARE COMPLETE unless otherwise noted.

    1. TF-Con Powered Commander exclusive by Fansproject - Was transformed and attached to classics prime only once, then placed back in its box. 100%complete with no scrapes or wear. Box is in C-8 condition. $200 OBO

    Beast Wars

    1.Basics Rattrap - Some minor paint wear on the feet, HAS BOTH PARTS OF HIS GUN! No instructions $35

    2.Aligator Megatron - Has one misshaped eye on his bot mode face, otherwise just used for display. No instructions MAKE OFFER

    Dark of the Moon

    1. Wal-Mart exclusive Bumblebee - First Movie toy repaint with logos homaging other parts of TF history. $5

    2. Voyager Optimus Prime - Transformed once or twice and put on display. weapon included $9

    3. Deluxe Starscream - Transformed once and put on display. excellent condition. $6

    4. Nitro Bumblebee - Display only $5

    5. Rescue Ratchet - Red Repaint based on his concept design $5

    6. Target/Zellers exclusive Jazz - Clear smokey plastic with Cybertronian tattoos. $10

    Revenge of the Fallen

    Voyager Megatron - Grey repaint of Movie 1 Voyager Megatron that was included in the Toys R Us Gathering at the Nemesis 3-pack. Definitely the nicer version than the blue origional. $10


    1. RTS Jazz - $10

    2. RTS Rodimus and Cyclonus - Missing Diecast Matrix accessory. $10 each or both for $16

    3. Generations Darkmount $5

    4. Classics Jetfire No instructions $45

    5.Classics Starscream (first version) $40

    6.Classics Skywarp (from Skywarp/Magnus 2-pack) $70

    7.Generations Thundercracker $10


    Misc Weapons

    1. Classics Optimus Prime's Smoke stacks and wind vane - Some paint wear on the silver, nothing a sharpie or drybrush can't fix. MAKE OFFER

    2. Powermaster Opitmus/Super Ginrai large black guns. MAKE OFFER

    3. DOTM Bumblebee Mechtech Gun. MAKE OFFER

    For feedback references, my eBay account is Bigbot720.

    MORE TO COME....

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