Customs: Help me make a movie Bumblebee toy I can tolerate

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by gargunkle, Jul 13, 2012.

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    I've seen some recent customs done with Cyberfire Bumblebe - one that was all black and one that had silver instead of yellow. The car modes looked great! And the robot modes wouldn't be bad except... I have pretty much always hated movie TF faces, and in particular the mouths. They can just ruin the whole look for me.

    I was thinking of getting some cheap Cyberfires at Walmart for customs, but I would need to do something about the faces/heads. Does anyone have suggestions? Possibilities include:

    1) maybe some sort of way to mod the existing BB head so that it looks really different and more classics-like or perhaps prime-like

    2) maybe swapping the head with another toy which is easily obtained and which isn't ugly

    I found that the combiner-mode head of PCC Icepick looks very cool and fits nicely on the body of Cannon BB. However I do not have a spare of this figure. I tried making a mold and cast of it but it turned out poorly. Just one example of a possible solution.

    Thanks in advance!

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