Help me identify this minicon!

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Autobot-Girl, Feb 7, 2011.

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    So, today during school a friend of mine gives me an old minicon he'd had since he was little. He used to be into TFs but ended up selling a bunch at a yardsale before we met but whenever he finds something he usually ends up giving it to me.
    Now I don't have any pics (sorry about that, my camera is at my other house) but the little guy is pretty easy to describe.

    In vehicle mode he looks like he can be a hovercraft or a boat of some sort. He has a silve rcockpit and white "fans" on either side that stand horizontally and red "fans" on back sanding vertically. His color scheme is dominantly red and white with silver detailing.
    In robot mode the red fans fold down to become feet and the front part of the vehicle splits in half to reveal the head (mostly black, yellow visor). The white fans fold out and become arms (which are in a permanent sideways "L" shape). The chest and codpiece are silver, a blue middle separating them along with the spot where it can combine with another 'bot like Screamer or Optimus to activate weaponry and likewise. He looks like he might be a combiner as well because he can split down the middle and open up.

    Anyone think they've got a name for me? Any help is appreciated.
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    Yup, ThaConqueror is right! That'd be Grindor... He combines with the other 2 Minicons from the Street Action Team to form Perceptor. (Note that there's also an Armada Street Action Team that also forms a Perceptor, but the figures are different.)

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