Help ID this robot, please?

Discussion in 'The Toyark' started by kaijubot-uk, Jan 22, 2009.

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    So this week I picked up a KO combining robot. It's advertised as a Transformer, but is five robotic birds that combine into one robot. The KO is tiny, about 3 inches combined. Judging from some of the packaging art the original had more detail and more complex connections. Each part comes in a foil packet like the one shown in this image. Unfortunately that's the only image I have. I think it's actually quite a nice design, I just have no idea what it's from.

    No part has an individual robot mode. All parts are mechanical looking.

    The main body appears to be a bird of prey. The wings are slightly arched with a connection point on the upper surface; they fold against the body for the combined mode with the connections becoming the shoulders. Bird head folds down 90 degrees with a humanoid face recessed in the neck (I don't know what the original is like, but on the KO the face can hardly be seen in robot mode).

    The arms share their overall design; a thick body, no real tail, visible robot hands at the rear and small heads. Each has a different head, one of which resembles a pelican due to the large and deep lower bill. The other has a short, pointed beak and a crest of feathers. Transformation is simple: fold the head and wings against the body and plug a post on the back into the holes on the body. There's a very slight ammount of movement available at the elbow, not aided by the wings being slightly the in the way, but this could be a quirk of the KO mould and the original may have more movement.

    The legs also share their overall design, with each possessing a unique head and tail. I'm inclinded to describe these as tropical birds (one reminds me of a parrot) but I'm not 100% certain of that. In a nice touch the tail becomes the robot heel on each one, making it quite stable in robot mode. The head and wings fold against the body whle the upper leg folds out from the back of the bird.

    So, can anyone help me ID the design?
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    Model kits, similar to Kabaya?

    It looks cool though.
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    It does look Kabaya'ish , never seen that KO before. Can't tell what it was inspired by. Looks like it's trying to be too many things. getting all kinds of character vibes from the 1987-89 range

    I want one

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