Help finding pics of a certain OTFCC 2003 diorama? (Art Contest)

Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by Pun-3X, Jul 12, 2011.

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    Okay, I've been meaning to make this request.

    At OTFCC 2003 I entered into the art contest with a project that was made up of a miniature outdoor setting (grass field, street, dirt road, craters, etc.) and a giant battle using Micromasters, Minicons, a custom painted Micromaster-turned-Starscream, a custom painted Spychanger Scourge-to-Optimus Prime (plus trailer) and Trypticon. Can't remember what I had called it (Think it was the True Scale of War, or something silly).

    Anyway, I only ever shot video of it assembled, and I had always hoped there were pictures of everything floating around. I actually ended up winning third place for the diorama portion of the various contests. (A diorama of Megatron blowing Ironhide's head off via G1 Movie came in first--and a very awesome piece)

    So, does anyone remember this particular scene and either took pictures or know where some are posted? I've done searches over the years, and the only shot I ever found was over at Seibertron's located here. I'd be appreciative of anyone who can help out. :) 

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