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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by rattrap007, Mar 5, 2010.

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    Ok I've never done any customizing what so ever before and could use advice. I want to start with something I can probably do mostly on my own.. I saw this:

    Marvel Thor TF Crossover to Cobra Rattler/Cobra Commander

    Now going by the painting, I think I can handle that easily. I can probably find Cobra stickers for it online. The one part I may need to outsource is the head.

    Since I've never done a repaint like this, I assume i need a small jar of model paint in the proper shade of blue and a small brush. I also will probably need the painters tape to cover the cockpit and other areas not needing paint. Is that about it as far as painting?

    Please help walk a first timer through. I'm going to pick up Thor on the way home. May look for a suitable Cobra head for a replacement. Could just make a Cobra officer or something.

    Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.
  2. fateastray

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    I think the drybrushed look would work best, with all those little molded details. Just plain red and blue seem a bit dull.

    Get some FLAT black paint .(or even better, a black primer) Cover the entire figure with it, but make sure it's thin, that all the details are retained. Then drybrush (there are plenty of tutorials for that, otherwise find Jin Saotome's website) the red and blue on. And yes, get some (Tamiya) maskingtape to mask the parts you don't want painted or painted later.

    As for the head, usually people find very random material of everyday household objects. A dremel, or a different cutting tool, some superglue and you should be on your way. You just need to find a way to find something that looks like the faceplate. Hollow out the face of a different figure, glue plate onto the face and stick the head onto the body.

    Don't know if this helps at all, but that's how I'd tackle it.

    One tip: DO NOT get paint between a hinge or joint, if it dries hard and you try exercising the joint, the plastic might crack and your custom broken.
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    First off, I feel this... Basic Guide to Painting Transformers Figures is required reading for anyone wanting to start customizing. Second, you should get some of the flat black Fateastray said. I use Krylon Ultra-Flat Camouflage spray paint. As for brushes, you're going to want a variety since you have a variety of surfaces. I also highly recommend you get a set of precision screwdrivers, because you may want to take him apart before you spray the primer. I hope that helps a bit.
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