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    Hello all-

    I'm heavily invested in the newish Masters of the Universe Classics line and it has really sparked my interest in the old vintage figures.

    So I decided to inventory my old figures and figure out what I actually have, and what I want. I even built a nerdy spreadsheet.

    These are the toys I had as a kid, and I loved them to DEATH. As a result, I am missing very many accessories.

    If any of my fellow TFW'ers out there can help me out...

    I need:

    Blade's swords x2
    Mosquitor's purple gun
    Extendar shield
    Mek-a-neck's club
    Mer-man's corn-cob sword
    He-man's power Sword (I know, wtf)
    Skeletor's power sword (I know, wtf)
    Webstor's gun
    Beastman red arm bands x2 and his whip
    Stratos wings x2 (red or blue)
    Evil-lyn's staff
    Fisto's armor and sword
    Buzz-off ax
    Orko ripcord and magic tricks
    Stinkor shield
    Moss Man staff
    Tung Lashor's dragonfly crossbow
    Whiplash's orange staff
    Clawfuls mace
    Roboto's laser hand and claw hand
    Grizzlor's crossbow


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