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    got some vintage he-man stuff up for sale

    pics can be seen here, shipping is extra

    Tom-K_album/Heman - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    PM me if intersted in anything



    He-Man (vintage)

    Battle Armor Skeletor complete paint rubs on boot tips and some discoloration legs at the ball sockets $4 SOLD TO METROTITAN
    Buzz-Off no ax has paint rubs to claws and feet and some to chest $3
    Clawful missing armor has club paint rubs to points on feet $3
    Grizzlor complete minor paint rubs to boots $4
    Grizzlor #2 complete minor paint rubs to boots $4
    Hordak complete good shape $7 SOLD TO MOSSMAN710179
    Hurricane Hordak has two attachments (no bolos) face is a little off color paint rubs to boots and fingers $5
    Man-e-Faces complete minor paint rubs to boots and front top of helmet $4 SOLD TO METROTITAN
    Mekaneck complete paint wear to hands $4 SOLD TO METROTITAN
    Moss man complete some wear to moss on left arm and thighs $3 SOLD TO METROTITAN
    Jitsu complete $5
    Jitsu #2 complete very minor paint rubs on boots $5
    Kobra Khan complete paint rubs on feet $4
    Leech complete $4
    Leech #2 complete $4
    Mantenna complete (red eye lever) nice shape $5 SOLD TO METROTITAN
    Mantenna complete (black eye lever) some paint wear to eyeballs $4
    Modulok complete with both guns (16 body parts I think that is all) $5 SOLD TO MOSSMAN710179
    Prince Adam no vest or sword paint rubs on boots and white shirt discolored $1
    Ram Man no ax minor rubs to silver paint in front and on tips of boots $3
    Roboto complete paint rubs on boots and finger tips $4 SOLD TO METROTITAN
    Snout Spout no ax trunk tip has damage $2
    Spikor legs broke off (rubber band) no club $1
    Stratos missing right arm wings, has extra red backpack minor paint rubs on nose and glasses $5
    Stonedar complete some minor wear to outer silver and a few color scuffs $5
    Sy-Klone complete very very minor rubs on buckle and tips of boots $5
    Tung Lasher complete (stress mark on dragon fly gun handle) paint wear to tongue and glove tips $7
    Tri-Klops no ring has sword paint rubs on boots $4
    Webstor no grappling hook accessory no gun, chest plate has damage $1
    Whiplash no staff, tail has a rib going up the back on both sides paint rubs $1


    Battle Cat $8
    Panthor #2 complete some wear to fur on nose feet and bods $4

    Extra accessories

    Fisto have sword (chewed tip) and armor (one clasp broken off, still stays together) $1.50
    He-Man ax sword and shield $5
    Prince Adam sword handle broke off some $1
    Spikor club $1
    Thunder Punch Heman sword (broken side handle thing) $2
    Webstor gun $1

    Another staff like King Randors but it is a light tan color $make offer

    Wind raider for parts, has the basic body, one wing really badly glued on and has the back rudder in good shape (no broken tips) $make offer

    Extra mini comics $1 each

    The power of point dread x 2 ONE SOLD TO MOSSMAN710179
    Slave city
    The secret liquid of life
    Dragon’s gift SOLD TO MOSSMAN710179
    Temple of darkness
    The stench of evil
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