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Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Tampalicious, Jul 24, 2011.

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    My Henkei Optimus showed up today. No, it was yesterday. The mailman rang the bell (Im tippin him on xmas btw), an I was sleepin but came to and got him at the door.
    I wanted to open him but he looks so cool sealed, so I set him aside.
    Also in the words of Slaughter, "We all go home, or nobody goes home." so I was waiting on the other figs I ordered recently to arrive.
    Tonight was the night. A lot consisting of Ironhide, Silverstreak and Sideswipe showed up, so the boys were all present. This was in addition to Henkei Hound, regular Prowl, and I think some sort of KO streaker. all sealed.
    Already on the shelf were many others. Jetfire I recieved a few days ago from a fellow member. Jazz, I paid 20 bucks for at Rite -Aid...yikes! Wheeljack, Mirage....And Thundercracker sealed who I found I think a couple days ago. He is stayin on my Autobot shelf, "Where's Ratchet?" oh man....I hope he means it...

    So....here I am....

    Everyone has been opened, I have been entranced and admiring the artwork of them as I drink a few beers. I am.....well, also I read the latest ongoing, but I am having a moment. The way this shelf is now playing upon itself, and now I have Prime to open.....

    Huffer didnt make the cut. He's not gracing this shelf. Or is that disgracing, what have you.

    My itunes is on shuffle. I am waiting for that perfect song to pop on to open Prime, to open Optimus and add this bad boy to my shelf. Thinking should I switch guns with City Commander or not. Right now, not going to. But it does kinda make sense.

    Im waiting for Dare from (i think) the Don Murphy to come on , then I will most reverently open .....
    Optimus :) 

    as always, I love you guys. some of these figs came from some of you
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    Im yet to get myself a prime... classics or Henkei(hes on the list) but I'd be celebrating fo sure when it happens. I'm not much of primeist at all but he's certainly missing from my CHUG's. I have the mold in Magnus and Nemesis so its not that pressing for me., altough my G3 trailer wants his master and united Megs needs his counter.

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