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Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Grimlock_13, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. Grimlock_13

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    Dec 7, 2002
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    Boise, ID
    This used to be asked every time a new Alternator got released....maybe people got bored with it:lol  but how does your Alt. collection rank, favorite to least favorite?

    Here's mine:

    1 Grimlock
    2 Shockblast
    3 Tracks
    4 Prowl (With the leg mod)
    5 Skids
    6 Silverstreak
    7 Meister
    8 Dead End
    9 Sunstreaker
    10 Hound
    11 Wheeljack
    12 Swerve
    13 Sideswipe
    14 Smokescreen
    15 Windcharger
    16 Decepticharge
    17 Swindle
    18 Optimus (Don't have it yet, but I'm thinking this is where I'd stack it up)
    19 Ricochet
    20 Ravage
    21 Rollbar
  2. Chaos Muffin

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    Mar 26, 2004
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    1 Deadend
    2 Shockblast
    3 Tracks
    4 Smokescreen
    6 Grimlock
    7 Sunstreaker
    8 Wheeljack
    9 Prowl
    10 Skids
    11 Decepticharge
    12 Ravage
    13 Hound
    14 Meister
    15 Swerve
    16 Sideswipe
    17 Windcharger
    18 Silverstreak
    19 Rollbar
    20 Swindle
    21 Ricochet

    Can't wait to add Prime & Mirage.

    That list would be totally different if the BT's were part of it.
  3. soundwaveCA

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    Jul 4, 2002
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    1. Dead End
    2. Sunstreaker
    3. Shockblast
    4. Meister
    5. Wheeljack
    6. Prowl
    7. Silverstreak
    8. Tracks
    9. Decepticharge
    10. Skids

    11-21- The rest
  4. ILoveDinobot

    ILoveDinobot Arise Rodimus Prime

    Jan 19, 2006
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    Long Island
    1. Prowl (my only one) but thats because I passed on the others....
  5. Greyryder

    Greyryder Kitbashed

    May 9, 2004
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    Alpha Stryke (custom, made from Grimlock)
    Sunstreaker (custom)
    Dead End
    Archer (custom made from Ravage)

    REDLINE longer days, plz? Veteran

    Dec 2, 2004
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    I love Alternators to rank mine cause I cant' let one be the loser :lol 
  7. mag_jr.

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    Jul 20, 2004
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    Not on the list: Optimus Prime and Rollbar. I don't have either one, although I probably will eventually succumb and buy the stupid things. I'm just that way. (If I do, though, I plan to repaint them.) Mirage will probably also alter the list--if I like him up close as much as I do in pics, he might well be near the top.

    From least to most:

    19. Windcharger. I like the car, but I find the robot mode to be too skinny and floppy, with those spindly legs of his.

    18. Decepticharge. See above. I wish I hadn't bought either of these, but I'm keeping them for parts. Kitbashing is fun! Whee!

    17. Swerve. I sort of like him, but the gold paint is too loud. I'd repaint him, if I could think of anything better. Red doesn't match well, but better than on my Windcharger.

    16. Battle Ravage. A neat idea, but the head sculpt needed more work. Also, I'm not a huge fan of the Corvette mold, mostly because of the kibbly legs. (I like the upper body of the 'Vette bots, though.)

    15. Ricochet. If not for the white nose and all the other repaints of this mold floating around, I'd love this guy. As it is, he's OK, at least. But a good example of the line having too many repaints.

    14. Swindle. Liked this one when I first got him, but I haven't gotten him out of the box since.

    13. Smokescreen. The sponsor graphics make for a very realistic vehicle mode. They also make his robot mode look busy and cluttered.

    12. Tracks. I still like him the best of all the 'Vette bots--aside from my issues with his legs, he's a spot-on homage to his G1 self.

    11. Sideswipe. Another one I loved when I first got him, but never touch these days. The "other" Viper design works better for me...

    10. Dead End. Like this.

    9. Prowl. I'd like to do the leg fix on mine sometime, because I'm pretty fond of this one.

    8. Wheeljack. I would have rather had a more accurate nod back to G1, but so help me, I like this guy anyway.

    7. Sunstreaker. A tough call, since I like both color schemes on this mold (for once). This one clearly wins out. This is the one they should have released the first time.

    6. Shockwave. I'm glad they even bothered to do this character as a repaint. The RX-8 looks surprisingly good in purple.

    5. Silverstreak. My favorite of the Impreza molds. He may have been a shelf-clogger everywhere, but I still like him. How much? I don't collect variations and I bought both of the steering wheel variations on this one.

    4. Hound. Another perfect homage. Best of the Wrangler bots.

    3. Skids. I expect to take some flack for ranking this one up here. I didn't even plan to buy him--I disliked his vehicle mode (and am still not a fan of the real-life car), but, flames aside, he's so perfect an homage to his G1 self--and so poseable--that I ended up liking him anyway. He's never gone back into storage and I got him six months ago, if that tells you anything.

    2. Grimlock. The Mustang GT is a favorite car of mine, and I like the design of the robot mode a lot.

    1. Jazz (Meister). Still my all-time favorite Alt. I still think the RX-8 is the best mold in the line, the robot mode looks great, and it's Jazz.

    Honorable Mention: 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime. If this guy was allowed as an Alternator, he'd take my top spot, no question.
  8. Feralstorm

    Feralstorm I ship Nick & Judy TFW2005 Supporter

    Jun 26, 2003
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    Top end: Prowl and Meister

    Bottom end: Sideswipe, Windcharger, and Optimus Prime
  9. Megatronwp38

    Megatronwp38 Megatron? Is that you!?!?

    Jan 25, 2006
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    it's funny, last year this time this thread would have had several pages by now. I think it speaks about the popularity of the Alternators anymore...

    For me

    1. Tracks....Love the Blue Vette and he is just so unmistakably Tracks.

    2. Prowl...Really like this mold regardless of his legs....let's see the complainers design and get produced a better prowl.

    3. Skids. Yet another almost perfect reincarnation of a G1 bot. The xb may not be a hot car, however as a toy the transformation is complex enough and looks great in bot mode.

    4. Windcharger/Decepticharge...These two are tied since they are the same and since I bought the repro gun barrels for them they are awesome. I think that the s2000 mold is the best adaptation of the viper mold. Not being so FAT it transforms easier and poses much better.

    5. Shockwave....do I really have to say anything about him? He is amazing and easily the best homage of the Decepticons.

    6. Dead End, Sunstreaker... Love the competition vette and both incarnations. Dead End was a trouble starter but I Loved him, then Sunny just slipped right into my heart :D 

    7. Sideswipe....Still Tops on my list. He is not as "cool" looking as his two brothers, however I still like him a lot.

    8. Hound. Hound was one of my favorite G1 characters. Love the jeep mold even if the later repaints clogged shelves for eons. lol

    9. Swindle.... love the colors on this guy and I think in G1 he was my favorite combaticon.

    10. Wheeljack..Even though I HATE transforming the mustang...I love the colors and stripes on wheeljack. Robot mode is 'OK" but the car mode is what wins me.

    11. Streak....He is plain, but a winner!

    Hmm....now for the SO SO's

    12. Meister....he is ONLY this low because the white plastics did not match up right out of the box from the store....that has eternally pissed me off since I think white is the WORST color to make a plastic toy. It never stays white....but fresh out of the box from the store?!?!

    13. Swerve....Hes cool because he is a vette and I got the flame sticker for my alt tracks..

    14. Ravage...he is cool, however the Miss Kitty Head is just a little too strange.

    15. Smokecreen....he really annoys me, on top of the fact that i just plain hate the WRX.

    16. Grimlock.....he OK, but to plain

    17. Optimus Prime....love the Truck....bot mode is crap and loose as all anything.

    18 Ricochet....see comments for smokescreen

    19. Rollbar...a pointless purchase really...he is missing so many paint apps that the other two jeeps had...no worth $20 plus it is an horrid color.

    I am sure once I get mirage he will be in one of the top 3 spots....
  10. Optimus_Prime84

    Optimus_Prime84 Well-Known Member

    Jul 5, 2005
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    3.O Prime

    I think Mirage will be my favorite one and prime the last
  11. ams

    ams Generation All Veteran

    Feb 10, 2004
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    1 Grimlock
    2 Meister
    3 Smokescreen
    4 Prowl
    5 Sideswipe
    6 Tracks
    7 Hound
    8 Shockblast
    9 Ricochet
    10 Windcharger
    11 Wheeljack
    12 Silverstreak
    13 Swerve
    14 Sunstreaker
    15 Swindle
    16 Dead End
    17 Rollbar
    18 Ravage
    19 Skids
    20 Decepticharge
    21 Optimus Prime

    *Although it's worth noting that the bottom four (Ravage, Skids, Decepticharge and OP) are all strong contenders for last place.
  12. Scantron

    Scantron Well-Known Member

    Oct 3, 2004
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    (21) Wheeljack - All of the problems of the Mustang mold (see Grimlock's entry below) with some pieces, such as the arms and doors, more prone to detaching during transformation. The colour scheme is also ugly, with the blue stripes on white just not working for me. Worst Alternator ever.

    (20) Optimus Prime - Looks fine in vehicle form, but the robot mode needs more paint applications. Transformation is finicky, particularly when going back to vehicle mode, and the front bumper pieces frequently pop off. Insanely loose knee joints and weak hips make the figure difficult to keep standing, a problem not helped by the odd feet. Has the nicest gun in the line, but can't hold it. The aesthetic has enough redeeming value to make it better than Wheeljack, but it's close (note - I modified my copy and added silver paint apps to the robot mode; with those details added, I'd rate the toy as better than Grimlock).

    (19) Grimlock - The aesthetic in vehicle mode is fine (although they could have done more to set it apart from Silverstreak), but the robot form doesn't look very good due to the disproportionally large chest and boots. The transformation is also a pain, with the arms, doors and skidplate panel all prone to coming off and the head and arms difficult to get back in place for vehicle mode. The sword was a neat weapon, but too short for the size of the figure. Also has difficulty standing due to loose hip joints.

    (18) Sunstreaker - In general, I don't like bright yellow in large amounts on TFs, but the main problem I have with Sunstreaker is that there are at least two different shades of yellow on the car body and it looks mismatched. A bad colour scheme for an already weak mold.

    (17) Skids - Ugly vehicle mode, lame weapon and a finicky transformation (particularly when going back to vehicle mode); I'm sure I haven't transformed this thing more than twice. No outstanding articulation or functional issues, just not a very impressive toy.

    (16) Smokescreen - It's not that there are massive problems inherent with this mold, save for the shoulders being a little annoying to transform, but I really don't like the racing logos in vehicle mode and they ruin the aesthetic in robot mode. The mold functions fine, and has one of the best guns in the line, but the appearance sucks.

    (15) Sideswipe - I'm not a fan of red sports cars, so the colour scheme on this one isn't that interesting to me. It's a decent update to the character, but has a lot of kibble that makes the transformation frustrating and gets in the way of the articulation.

    (14) Swerve - Decent redeco of the Tracks mold (and looks excellent with the gold/black Reprolabels set), but not interesting enough to rank higher on the list. Also a victim of 'could use more paint applications' syndrome.

    (13) Windcharger - Decent mold with a nice colour scheme. I'm not too wrapped up in the limited G1 connection or the Great Gunbarrel Kurfuffle, so I don't really have anything against this figure. The mold has some restrictions on the articulation I don't like and, while the colour scheme looks good, it's not overwhelmingly striking and the figure doesn't stand out much from the other red sports cars in the line.

    (12) Rollbar - Has the benefits of the Swindle mold, but the least interesting colour scheme of all three Jeep figures. Could use some extra paint applications in a few places and the waist connections is too tight when transforming back and forth. Switched him over to the Decepticons with repro faction stickers.

    (11) Ricochet - Despite the white nose, a good repaint of the Silverstreak mold, but not as nice as the original deco. I thought the recolour was more fitting of a Decepticon and switched his faction.

    (10) Hound - Very nice mold, with a neat transformation; I especially like the rotating panel with the Autobot logo that can be displayed in vehicle mode. The shocks are very well constructed too and it's a good homage to the G1 character. However, the hip joints are loose and there are some articulation restrictions.

    (9) Decepticharge - Though I hated the racing logos on Smokescreen, I like the usage on this figure. Not only is Decepticharge not a mess of colours like Smokescreen (all Dcharge's logos are yellow or black), but the logos are all TF-related. The new head sculpt is also nice and I like the interchangable roofs. The problems with the articulation inherent to the mold keep this figure from being higher on the list.

    (8) Dead End - Not the most impressive mold, due to the articulation problems, but the black/red/gold/silver colour scheme is perfect for the Viper.

    (7) Ravage - Great aesthetic and I actually like the head sculpt (although it is a bit small). Transformation is actually easier than on Tracks due to the removal of the vehicle roof. Not quite as nice as the original release, though.

    (6) Meister - Excellent update of the original G1 character in a great mold. I don't like white cars (they look too plain) and there are problems with the arms popping off during transformation, otherwise this figure would be higher on my list.

    (5) Silverstreak - The silver colour scheme is very striking and the red areas provide a good contrast. Transformation has some frustrating bits, but it looks great in both modes and is easily the best version of the mold.

    (4) Swindle - Transformation has some unique twists not seen in the other Alternators and the minor remolds give the vehicle a different character from the original release of the mold. Articulation could use some improvement, though.

    (3) Tracks - Looks great, nice homage and the most heavily-armed Alternator. Transformation can be a little annoying.

    (2) Prowl - Great homage to the original character, unique weapon and a very good aesthetic overall. Just missed being number 1 due to the need to modify the legs for improved articulation.

    (1) Shockblast - Excellent homage, looks great in all modes and just has a lot of character overall.
  13. Thundercracker

    Thundercracker Contemptuous

    Jul 5, 2002
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    1. Hound
    2. Prowl (leg Mod)
    3. Sunstreaker
    4. Jazz (with Reprolables)
    5. Skids
    6. Tracks
    7. Grimlock
    8. Optimus Prime
    9. Wheeljack (with reprolables)
    10. Sideswipe
    11. Silverstreak
    12. Decepticharge
    13. Swerve
    14. Swindle
    15. Shockblast
    16. Rollbar
    17. Stepper
    18. Smokescreen
    19. Windcharger
    20. Deadend
    21. Ravage
  14. Grimlock_13

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    Dec 7, 2002
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    Boise, ID
    Yeah I totally forgot to include where i thought Mirage would go...based on the pics I've seen I'd put him at #4 and bump all the others down...I'd rank Rumble but I need to see more pics to get a decent judgement.

    Thanks for the replies guys!
  15. mag_jr.

    mag_jr. <B><font color=red>TFW2005 Article Guy</font></B> Veteran

    Jul 20, 2004
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    I forgot about Rumble, but, yeah, the pics I've seen so far don't really show enough. I'm assuming we'll see more of him by Botcon.

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