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Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Necare, Aug 12, 2008.

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    Jul 14, 2008
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    Ok, so a while back I asked if people liked hunting or ordering online better. At the time online departments were selling TFs with %off and free shipping codes, making it not only 100% sure you would get an item but even cheaper with shipping than driving around searching.

    I have dealt with Hasbro Toy Store.com many times and there wasn't an issue UNTIL...

    The animated toys came out. (this is not a hate posting on animated line, it's just the mark of when Hasbro Toy Store.com went downhill.)

    Hasbro.com now seems to be run by a bunch of monkeys without any website maintenance skill what so ever.

    Items appear available then out of stock then pending, expected shipping dates are no longer an estimate but simply a broken reminder of what day today is, and when items are shipped, the tracking numbers do not exist according to the carrier, THE UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE!!!

    So I ask someone, anyone, please tell me what in THE hell is going on over there. I did finally get my Nemesis Prime and Skywarp exclusives and there wasn't a ding on the box at all, however that was only after it was shipped to the wrong address and was self-corrected taking an extra 3 days.

    I now have two orders that shipped but the listed tracking numbers do not exist apparently, so no way to tell if the items will ever arrive or at least when.

    Anyone in the know?
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    Have you called them?
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    The US Postal Service wont even recognize that a shipping (it's not really a tracking number; you can't track the package like you can on UPS) number exists until a few days after it's shipped, quite often after an item is already in your hands. That's the USPS' hangup, not HTS', admittedly.

    But yeah. Their speed and dependability are definitely hit and (quite often) miss.

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