Hasbro to Webcast 2nd Quarter 2011 Earnings

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    So anyone worried about Hasbro and how much Hasbro's bottom line has been hurt (or not hurt) by launching the Hub may be able to get some answers not too far from now. Hasbro has announced that they will webcast the conference call to investors and the media on Hasbro's Investor Relations home page at Hasbro, Inc. - Investor Relations. A replay of the call will be available at the same location approximately 2 hours following completion of the call.

    I'm pretty sure the company is doing just fine, though. Didn't one of the Hasbro big-wigs just say that toys are recession proof?

    article link:
    HASBRO : to Webcast Second Quarter 2011 Earnings Conference Call | 4-Traders

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