HASBRO Quarterly Income Statement now available

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    HASBRO, Inc. (HAS NYSE) has released it's Quartery Income Statement (QIS) for the time frame of September, 2007 through June, 29th 2008. The statement covers all the major costs that the company incurs from the production and sales of its brands to the profits gained by their products. Some of the most impressive numbers were the Gross Profits posted during the holiday seasons.

    PERIOD ENDING - 29-Jun-08 - 30-Mar-08 - 30-Dec-07 -30-Sep-07

    Total Revenue - 784,286 - 704,220 - 1,297,844 - 1,223,038

    Cost of Revenue - 308,222 - 271,161 - 538,935 - 521,022

    Gross Profit - 476,064 - 433,059 - 758,909 - 702,016

    HASBRO continued to do well, despite economic downfalls due to the rise if fuel and food costs. The TRANSFORMERS live action movie and Movie line toys were credited with the toy manufacturers continued rise in value, along with the new ventures the company will seek with its numerous name brands.

    HASBRO had also announced its common shares dividends to be paid out later this month, but a recent stock analyst report has lowered the going price for shares when it updated the status of HASBRO, Inc. trading from a "buy" status to "hold". HASBRO stock prices were at $38.79 USD, down $1.15 or 2.88%, at the time of posting.

    To read the full complet QIS, click Here

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