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Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Roixlazuli, Sep 7, 2008.

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    Ok, so I finally managed to snag myself animated Blitzwing a few weeks ago, since he's one of my favorite decepticons from the show. Well, he transformed quite well except when I needed to get him from tank mode to robot mode. Anyone who has this figure knows that there's these tabs that hold the turrent/backpack part in place.

    Well, on my figure particularlly they held on too tight. I tried fixing this by using an exacto knife to trim down the edges however I took too much of and now it wouldn't hold at all. When, then I go with clear nail polish and apply it over the tabs and into the hole in backpack part. Well, it does pretty well but it still wasn't enough.

    So then I decided to use superglue. I applied a small bit to the tabs on the wing part and some into the hole of the backpack. I come back later to check on it and for the most part, the superglue worked pretty well. However, when it came time to transform him, his turrent wouldn't swivel. I looked a little more closely into the hole and what I thought was a solid piece actually had a few small open areas within it. Basically, I superglued his turret so it couldn't move.

    So, here I am, with a 20 dollar figure that won't transform properly and I'm kicking myself for not examining the figure before doing this.

    So, anyone want to buy a slightly used Blitzwing?
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    Take the part apart and soak the glued area in 90% alcohol for a bit, it'll come off eventually. As long as it's not a part that has paint or anything on and is just colored plastic, it'll be fine.

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