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    Hey guys Im brybosch and I wanted to make a fan fiction BUT i never knew what to write about so i decided to do something "WILD" a halo/transformers crossover well i hope everyone likes it

    Chapter 1:The Awakening
    "Chief! chief! can you hear me! CHIEF!"
    "DAMMIT OPEN YOU CRYOTUBE!" screams cortana at the top of her lungs
    "acknowlaged...opening cryotube please wait...cryotube opened John Spartan 117 vital signs are at 100%"
    "...Cor-cortana what the hells going on?The ship is moving like a damn meteorite heading to earth!" screams the chief
    "Well its doing the same thing the ship is heading into an unknown planet and i cant seem to stop it you have to stop it manually!"
    "Alright im on it!"
    The ship heads forward to the planet not being able to stop.The master chief attemps to stop it but the ship is not responding.
    "DAMN! HOLD ON CORTANA"says the master chief as he reaches for the chip holding cortana
    As the chief enters the chip he feels the same familiar pain of when he first put cortana in his helmet
    "Alright im in"
    "Well brace yourself cause i couldnt stop this thing!"
    *cough* *cough* "Ya im not deaf.Whats our status?"
    "Well the ship REALLY took a hit but some things still function"
    "The engines ok?"
    "Nope looks like they took the most damage"
    "Well this is just great were in the middle of in unknown planet and with no working engines...at least i still have my assault rifle and some grenades"
    "You think your going to survive with that?"
    "I always have and always will"
    "How far are we from earth?"
    "Its hard to tell i dont think were even near earth for all i know this could be A diferent galaxy"
    "DAMN! alright I guess we have to check this place out"
    As the master chief walked the planet he noticed that it was chrome and had many spiny towers
    "Man i feel as if were in the future of the 1960´s"
    "What the hell! Hey wait a minute is that an F-15 Eagle? those things havent been seen or used for centuries!
    "This is strange really strange how can an F-15 eagle be in an unknown planet i mean cmon the covenant were unknown and had way more advanced technology!We should keep searching this planet Maybe we can find something that no one has ever seen."
    "Your right cortana i just hope we can get back home in one peice"

    Chapter...ended next chapter
    Odd findings
    hope u guys liked it :) 

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    I like where your going. But you need to make it more like a the way the Halo Books did it? have you ever read them?

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