Halo 3 Mythic map pack is now available - start your building!

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    As of April 9th the mythic map pack is now available to all halo 3 players. Previously it was available early to those who picked up the CE of Halo wars, but now it's available on xbox live for the cost of 800 ms points. In addition to the 3 maps you can also download the new BUNGLE league April fools day variants for some of these maps from Bungie directly.

    Xbox.com | Xbox News - Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack Details

    The map pack includes 3 new levels to mess around with:

    This is a very covenant styled map based on the idea of a scarab building facility. It's a lot like the Guardian map included with Halo 3 originally, with a very circular nature. Typically this one is good for slayer and assault, though I'd imagine king of the hill would be not bad on it as well. As far as forge goes, it's kind of limited I think since most of the structures are directly built into the environment. Of the 3, I'd say this is my least favorite, but it's still pretty decent.

    This map might remind some of you of the Narrows map crossed with the Pit map. It's assymetrical and has some interesting areas for setting up ambushes and sniping. It's a great map for CTF and team slayer. King of the hill is not great but still pretty good, and I'd imagine that oddball could be pretty decent, though I haven't tried it out yet.

    This is the big reason to buy this map pack. At first glance you might think that it's just a new Sandtrap map, but get it into forge and you'll see how great this one is. This map is actually made up of 3 interconnected maps that are stacked onto each other. The default configuration has a fairly standard 2 base setup designed for team slayer, CTF, etc and sort of resembles the Valhalla map. Clear out all the buildings though, and it's really a giant rectangle of sand more or less. If you have the Foundry map this is essentially the same thing but without the outer walls. Instead there are gaurdian boundries that laser you if you breach them. Go the center of the map and take out the center brick in the floor and you've got yourself your own griffball court. It's just a big empty cube with a high celling, but like Foundry, this section offers a lot of potential to play with. Go up from the central section through the teleporter and you've got a floating map section that you can actually build on without any tricks. You can still shoot to the ground below and be shot at, and weapons,warthogs, etc will still fall down to the ground, but you cannot jump down to the lower section or jump up to the upper section without being killed. The sky section is huge and completely open to whatever you want to build pretty much. The only problem with this area is that you have to build the floor for everything you want to make, so be warned if you are trying to build anything that spraws out you will have to be a bit creative in what you use for the ground. All three sections can be utilized at the same time as well. There's also some new items I believe included with this map. The golf club and golf ball are included here so you can make golf courses if you really want. The base map and the current matchmakin variants are good for team slayer and flag games and team swat games for the crypt, but this map is entirely open to what you want it to be once you get into forge. I don't normally make a lot of maps, but this one is very user friendly so it's worth trying out I think even if you are just new to forge.

    Just a picture of the golf club in action:

    To give an idea of what you can do with the sky bubble section (and plug my own maps :tongue: ), here's some screen shots of one of the maps I've spent the last couple days working on and links to the different variants. These pics are from the CTF variant, though I've uploaded CTF, Assault, Slayer and Team Slayer variants:

    Skyway 2 Heaven - this is the Multiflag/One Flag CTF variant seen in the screen caps here.
    Skybomb - Assault variant with slightly moddified vehicles to make it a bit more challenging. Only 1 bomb at a time in the center.
    Skykill Team - Team Slayer variant with each team starting at their respective bases. Designed for 2 team slayer.
    Skyway 2 Hell - Designed for free for all play with random spawn points. Vehicles adjusted a bit since team use vehicles don't really help much here

    The core of the map is comprised of 2 bases connected by 1 very long road which leads to a central area housing 2 heavy vehicles, some power weapons (spartan laser and rocket launcher on one side, sniper rifle on the other) and an overshield. This is the long way to the other base, but probably the safer of the 2 ways. The mongoose and man cannons will help speed it up anyway. At the same time you are rewarded for getting to the center first with heavy weapons and better shields:

    Floating above is a shorter platform you can try to run through containing a sniper rifle, turret, and energy sword (that you can either jump to reach with a grav lift, or by another way...), active cammo and some grenades. Fusion coils, the lack of any real cover, and the section open to the road where a good shot by the spartan laser or rocket launcher make this a faster but more treacherous way to go:

    Each end of this symmetrical map contains a base with 2 mongoose, a hornet, 1 turret, and a variety of light and medium weapons, as well as one sniper rifle. Man cannons at one side launch you up the road, while a teleporter on the other sends you to the floating platform. Take the shortcut up onto the roof via a grav lift or run through the base tunnels:

    You can get the sword w/o a grav lift:

    Ghost in the warthog:
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    at full gs for this game as of today. woo hoo!
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    Way ahead of you.

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