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    If you are serious about buying anything, make an offer. If you have NO intention of buying anything, DO NOT PM ME!!!!!
    thank you

    SOLD Fortress Maximus MIB (C-9+ Toy, C-8 box) 100% Complete, $1299 SOLD

    .SOLD Scorponok MIB, complete $449 (C-9.5++++ toy), c-8 box with inserts-SOLD

    1. Brave Max MIB C-10 Toy, C-8 Box, 100% Complete SOLD

    2. blaster misb, no flap crease, about 8/10, $750/

    3. Tracks Misb, with flap crease, $399

    4. Bombshell misb, wiht flap crease and shelf wear, SOLD

    5. ramhorn eject mosc, about 7/10, $150/

    6. rewind steeljaw mosc, about 7.5/10, SOLD

    7. Skyhopper MIB, unused, opened mint contents, $99/

    8. -black ironhide diakron pre-tf, mib complete, more pics avail., SOLD

    10) Prowl box and insert bubble, authentic American G1 $99/

    12. Metroplex MIB $175 Mint complete. (C-8 box)

    13. Sixshot MIB $175 Mint Complete DOES NOT HAVE INSTR. BOOKLET (C-7 box)

    Human Alliance
    Mudflap $59.95

    07 Movie
    classics (1974) bumblebee mosc $22.95
    concept camaro bumblebee mosc $19.95
    regular barricade $19.95
    battle jazz (robot mode) $19.95
    stealth bumblebee $17.95
    cliffjumper $19.95
    first encounter barricade misb $24.95
    evolution hero bumblebee 2 pack $24.95
    premium blackout misb $74.95
    premium barricade mosc $19.95
    premium bumblebee mosc $19.95

    25th anniversary optimus prime misb $64.95
    20th anniversary optimus prime masterpiece dvd misb case fresh $99.95

    Classics Optimus Prime MISB $50
    Classics Megatron MISB $50
    Classics Jetfire MISB SOLD
    Classics Ultimate Battle Optimus Prime vs. Megatron (Classics) Sealed 30

    Universe King Atlas MISB $49

    universe powerglide (gray) $24.95
    universe onslaught $24.95
    universe stormcloud $24.95

    animated wreck gar $29.95
    animated shockwave v. bumblebee $24.95
    animated sunstorm v. ratchet $19.95
    animated rodimus minor $22.95

    Armada Overload (Armada) SOLD
    Armada Galvatron (Armada) Sealed 55
    Armada Jetfire MISB $55

    energon superion mosc complete set sold
    energon downshift mint loose complete, $24.95
    Grimlock & Swoop (Energon) Sealed SOLD
    Wing Saber (Energon) Sealed $75 SOLD
    Optimus Prime (Energon) Sealed $85
    Megatron (Energon) Sealed $59

    cybertron tru smaller starscream-mint loose, no accessories, $49.95
    Cyb GF Optimus Prime MISB $100
    Cyb Optimus Prime MISB (regular) $100
    Cyb Megatron MISB $85

    rid optimus prime misb case fresh $99.95
    rid scourge mib, opened-dead mint contents $59.95
    rid prowl mosc $14.95
    rid x-brawn mosc $14.95
    rid sideburn mosc $14.95
    Railspike (R.I.D) Sealed SOLD
    Midnight Express (R.I.D.) Sealed *SOLD*
    Rapid Run (R.I.D.) Sealed *SOLD*
    Landfill (R.I.D.) Sealed (Yellow Wal mart edition) $40
    Ruination (R.I.D.) wm camo ed. Sealed *SOLD*

    beast machines battle unicorn mosc case fresh $14.95
    beast wars tm2 cybershark misb $19.95

    G1 Instruction booklets
    topspin $3
    twin twist $3
    astrotrain $6
    venom $6
    camshaft $5
    downshift $5
    bombshell $4
    bombshell b $4
    shrapnel $5
    silverbolt $5
    superion giftset $20
    snapdragon *SOLD*
    misfire $13
    brainstorm *SOLD*
    scattershot $10
    gunrunner $10
    hun gurr $6
    finback $8

    g2 instr. booklets only
    laser optimus prime $6
    air raid $4
    skram $4
    ramjet $5
    hooligan $4

    Japanese reissues
    soundwave encore misb $55
    pepsi optimus prime misb $45
    Godginrai Optimus Prime C-310 misb mint box (Japanese Import not released in U.S.) $99

    I have TONS more not listed, please ask for specific items!

    Leader Starscream MISB $50

    bobblehead g1 megatron misb $45
    bobblehead g1 optimus prime misb $45

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