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Discussion in 'Comic Books and Graphic Novels' started by Prowl, Jan 25, 2008.

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    This might mix a bit with the video game section....

    I know it's been tried before with the comic industry (Comics on CD, slightly animated)

    But with the Next Gen consoles and PCs pumping out the graphics that they have been, wouldn't it be "kinda" cool if they started releasing Comics as 3D Cinematics, ala video game cinematics. They would be fully rendered in 3D, but still be told as panels, with some animations and possible voice work, though not needed.

    For the Artists/3d Modelers, telling the stories would be a matter of posing the characters in the positions needed to move the story along and altering camera angles and facial expressions. Viewers/readers could manipulate the camera to see the action from different angles.

    Obviously, this would not replace the traditional paper comics, but it would be awesome to download weekly episodes and watch/read them in this manner.

    That is all for my Friday's Crazy Ideas that might work, but probably won't.
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    I think they had this idea in the movie "Big" ?

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