Minor/Repaint: HA 'Deathrace' Transformer custom

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by blaynescott, Dec 11, 2011.

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    Hey everyone,

    I figured I should start posting my WiP for new custom Transformer projects here at TFW. I've been lurking forever around here, so I figure it would be a good opportunity to get some feedback from the community.

    I usually stick to 6"-8" action figure customs, but this year I've focused almost completely on Transformers.

    Here's a project I decided to start tonight - turning the Human Alliance Bumblee into the car from DeathRace. When it's finished, I'll have turned him into a heavily modified car with PLA board/styrene to emulate the modded look of the Deathrace vehicle. I figure I'll also turn one of the HA mini-human figures into 'Frank', the masked driver from the 1st film.

    So far:
    Used HA Sideswipe's chairs + modified the HA Bumblee bee arms peg-holes with new screws to attach them to the forearms. These are nice, because they can fold down completely. I also drilled a new peg-hole in each chair so they lock in place when collapsed.

    Also added a modified Universe Voyager Barricade head.

    I'll make updates below in a new post each.


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