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    Not really sure where to post these since I'm a turbolurker. The Let's See Your Gundam thread is encouraging though.

    Please e-mail or PM any questions. I'll be happy to take more pics, list exactly what parts are included, and whatnot. *Note: Links may or may not work right away.

    Master Grade
    Just took quick shots. Any accessories not pictured are probably just in my storage box. I have boxes and instruction manuals for at least 3 of them. These come from Zeta_Otaku's personal collection originally. I just disassembled, de-flashed, and reassembled them for fun(....) Please make offers. If I post prices, Zeta will beat me like a red-headed stepchild...

    [​IMG] Gelgoog (I don't think there's anything broken. The knees and elbows are loose but not floppy)

    [​IMG] Ramba Ral's Zaku 1

    [​IMG] Zaku II F2

    [​IMG] Gouf

    [​IMG] Gouf Custom (the shield has a broken piece - I'll get pics when someone's interested)

    FIX Figuration
    MSiAs with insane detailing and paint apps. Come with parts so you can build either of 2 figures on one bodyframe.

    [​IMG] Titans Mk-II / Refined Barzam. Sealed. $40.00

    Action figures. GI Joe-sized.

    [​IMG] RX-78-2 (Japan version). MIP. $7.00

    [​IMG] world's most crushed gundam package ftw! GP-01 (US version). Looks like nothing inside is broken, just... bent. Sealed. $5.00

    Banpresto fixed-pose "Real Figure"
    If you like the pose, this is a SWEET statue of Strike Gundam in Deactive Mode. 11.5cm tall.

    [​IMG] Comes with Aile Striker and detachable hand. MIB. $12.00

    No-grade Models

    [​IMG] 1/144 scale but not High Grade. Damaged box, sealed parts. $3.00

    [​IMG] Superior Defender Grappler Gouf. Sealed parts. $5.00

    Seriously, somebody offer me 6 bucks for the lot.

    [​IMG] 8cm all-metal RX-78-2. I dunno anything about it, but it does have neck, shoulder, and hip articulation.

    [​IMG] 3 5cm plastic figures with a bit of articulation and bad sprayjobs. Boxes included.

    [​IMG] 4cm tall, no articulation, each has a stand.

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