gundam and other battleuit model kits for sale

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by optimus78, Jul 6, 2008.

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    For sale:
    1x arii 1/72 scale galvion series balgus metal battler plastic model kit
    1x arii 1/72 scale galvion series laggdol metal battler plastic model kit
    1x academy 1/72 scale galvion-1 road attacker plastic model kit
    1x academy 1/100 scale gundam rx-78 mobile suit plastic model kit
    1x academy 1/144 scale s-gundam transformable plastic model kit

    These kits were givin to me by my dad a few yrs ago but i havent takin much of an intrest in them since then. The boxes have been alittle banged up from being packed away and moving round and only the road attacker is missing the top of the box but all pieces are still on the trees and in the plastic with intructions.

    Please understand Im not a gundam fan, there fore i dont really know anything bout these and what kind of demand there is for them. If you are intrested please make a reasonable offer that would be fair to both of us. They are still in box and ready to be shipped right now. I can supply pics if requested
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    Pics please, I wasn't aware any company but Bandai made Gundam models, and I'm pretty sure they never made a transforming 1/144 scale S Gundam. If they did, that would be sweet!

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