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Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by Ogami Daigoro, Nov 5, 2006.

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    TRU has a free "Eddie Van Halen-type" guitar skin with purchase. I don't know if that's only for the guitar bundle or game only as well. See the ad. BTW, there's also a free $10 gift card with purchase of $75 or more, so if you do get the guitar bundle, there you go.

    Best Buy has a free Wayne's World DVD with purchase of either the guitar bundle or game only. They also have these black/blue wireless guitar controllers for $59.99 that I have seen in store as well. Don't know about their quality though.

    Circuit City has a free beanie cap and "Sunburst" guitar skin with purchase of the bundle.

    The Red Octane website has either a free T-shirt or a free "gig bag" with purchase of the $79.99 bundle or a free "dual guitar gig bag" with purchase of the $119.98 multiplayer bundle.

    The price of the guitar bundle at all stores is $79.99. BB has the game only at $49.99. All deals mentioned except the Red Octane one are listed in the Sunday ads for 11/5-11/11.

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