2D Artwork: Gryphman's Super Drawventure!

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    I've been reading lots of MS Paint Adventures lately, and it looks like fun. Now, I'm not really sure if this will be any good, but I'll give it the good ol college try.
    (Disclamer: I have not, in fact, ever been to college.)

    Let us now begin by creating our hero. Pick a race, class, and redistribute the stat points any way you see fit, and post it like so.

    Race: Fancy Man
    Class: Fistmancer
    Str: 20
    Dex: 5
    Con: 10
    Int: 5
    Wis: 5
    Cha: 15

    Race and class can be anything you imagine. It is not limited by any particular theme. (fantasy, sci fi, ect)

    I'm posting this on a couple of sites. None will take any particular priority. I will choose submissions from them all.

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