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    Hey out there! There’s a lot of interesting things happening out there in the professional comics industry. Lots of great artistic talent, lots of new and upcoming artists breaking into self publishing. Lots of energy and creativity out there and I must say that I’m pumped.

    Even yours truly has had a chance to partake in comics history, albeit on a small scale. I got a chance to work on the new release of the Transformers the animated movie comic adaptation Issue #1. While my participation was minimal, limited mostly to flatting (All the great coloring is truly of Josh Burcham’s excellent craft), this was a great honor, and I have to give our very own Josh a round of applause for allowing me to partake in this event. As a child, TFTM was one of the most influential animated movies I’d ever seen and I was a DIE-HARD transformers fan as a kid. Transformers meant more to me than you know. I had a dark childhood at one time and believe it or not, I often looked to Transformers as a way of escape as well as a bit of happiness. It’s amazing that after 20 years, transformers is still a big part of my life and is helping me again even now.

    I have to give a big thank you to all of you Transformers fans out there that have allowed me to do some fun art for you in the past couple of years. You’ve helped make a financial contribution to my life and I owe you guys dearly. Even now, my love for transformers keeps the lights on and pays the bills. It’s amazing. Nothing would please me more than to do this as a career in some way or another. No matter how long I stay away from the fandom, whenever I come back, the love and energy is always there. And I’ve made some longtime friends through it all.

    It’s amazing that I hardly if ever appear online, but I still get job offers for Transformers art. I love you guys! I really hope you keep coming to me to help you flesh out your TF ideas and love and I’m really glad that you find my art appealing. With every transformers pic I do, I try to add a little something different to the craft.

    Here’s hoping the next 20 years never finds itself without Robots in disguise!

    - GWX

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