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    Feb 8, 2011
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    A new topic from your friendly neighborhood.. okay that joke is way too old. But yes, I am in need of some funds or trades to get some new things to replace the old things on my shelf ^^"

    So, some guidlines that are obvious, or that people don't read:
    +Paypal only
    +No International Shipping (I only do this rarely)
    +No Low-balling
    +Prices do not include Shipping

    ~FOR SALE~

    +Alternators lot $35 each or $60 for both *NEW*
    -Sideswipe (Complete, no instructions)
    -Prowl (Complete, no instructions)

    +Dark of the Moon (MIB) $12 *NEW*
    -DOTM Air Raid

    + G1 Snarl $40
    -Amazing condition (no chrome wear)
    -Stickers applied
    -Figure itself. No weapons

    + Transformers Animated JPN Exclusive Blackout $40
    -Includes box

    + RTS: Battle in Space set $15
    -box is a little damaged

    +Beast Wars: 10th Anniversary Megatron (Ultra) $40
    -Complete with Water launcher, and hip missles.
    -Excellent condition.
    -No Instructions, box, etc.

    +Energon Swoop (From Grimlock/Swoop 2-pack) $20
    -Great condition
    -Doesn't come with Grimlock, sorry ^^"

    +Movie Deluxe Lot $7 each or $30 for the lot.
    -ROTF Ice Cream Twins
    -ROTF Ratchet
    -HFTD Terradive
    -HFTD Tuner Skids
    -HFTD Sidearm Sideswipe
    -DOTM Ratchet

    +TRU Exclusive G1 Perceptor $35
    -Mint in Box

    +Walmart Exclusive DOTM Voyager Prime w/Commetor $20
    -Mint in box

    +G1 Sixshot $50
    -No Blasters
    -No box or instructions, but in very good condition.

    +Animated Voyager lot (all MIB) $15 each or $60 for the lot.
    -Ani. Wreck-Gar
    -Ani. Optimus Prime
    -Ani. Blitzwing
    -Ani. Skywarp
    -Ani. Shockwave

    +Transformers Animated Leader Ultra Magnus $30
    -Mint in box

    +TFTM Leader Class Deep Desert Brawl $20
    -Missing turrets and tank barrel
    -Missing one blade "claw" on his left hand

    -Shattered Glass Grimlock
    -PVC Grimlock and Jazz
    -Decoy Grimlock, Jazz, Soundwave, or Shockwave
    -Myclone Soundwave, Jazz, and Grimlock
    -Grimlock statues or busts
    -RID Ratchet
    -Rail Racer or any other RID combiners

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