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    I'm mirroring my post about this guy from HissTank. Because he goes by another name on these boards. Here's what I said -

    I searched the forums in this section to make sure that he wasn't on here yet, so if there's another thread, I apologize and I'll move my feedback to there.

    Avoid this guy at all costs. I found him through craigslist, not knowing he was on HT. I sent him payment for an Operation Anaconda (GI Joe) set and (completely my fault) marked it as a gift to help him avoid the paypal fees. So now I have no way to use Paypal's buyer protection.

    Absolutely no contact after that. Won't answer calls, won't reply to emails. It's been a few weeks.

    He's a deadbeat. AVOID.

    I hope I followed all the rules, if there's something I did wrong, I'll edit my post. I also have all the email proof to back these claims up.


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