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    I'm talking in terms of to the comic and cartoons - be they models, original G1 toys, classics, Mega SCF's or whatever. A collection, which, if you put them together, would look most accurate (regardless of size)

    So to get things rolling:

    1) Masterpiece Prime


    Never will be a better Prime. End of.

    2) Mega SCF Starscream


    Doesn't transform but so what? It's the one and only release that looks like Starscream to a T (the transforming ones don't.)

    3) Palisades Davastator



    4) '85 Shockwave.


    Still the best representation of the character in toy/model format, and the most show/cartoon accurate G1 toy by a country mile. Shockblast? Pah!

    5) Binaltech Hound.


    If it wasn't for that dumbass grin on his face, it would be perfect.

    Okay, over to you ....


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