Great Song Lyrics and What They Mean To Me.

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    The following is some of my favorite song lyrics/quotes that I have a fondness for. Most of these lyrics have personal meaning to me, some create a since of nostalgia, while others just put a good thought in my mind.

    While reading some of these you have to forget about the song and just read the words I type. This is the way they make me feel. You might experience something completely different than I do but that is the beauty of the human mind, heart, and soul...interpretation, feeling, and emotion. Enjoy.

    1. Young man sittin' in an old mans bar, waitin' for his time to die.
    Broadway-Goo Goo Dolls
    -Sometimes I feel this way. I'm a young guy doing old guy things..
    Living an old mans life. In some ways I feel I have let the world/life pass me by.

    2. If I could share our lives would I disappoint your memories?
    I spend my nights imagining your face. your touch......
    then I realize I don’t even know your name.
    Only Lonely-Hootie & the Blowfish
    -Just a good tune.

    3. I tried to drown my troubles, but my troubles learned to swim.
    -I have a problem with dealing with my emotions head on. I bury them so
    the people on the outside will not see them. I am slowly learning that I cannot
    hide from myself.

    4. Shadow and shape mix together at dawn. By the time you catch them the
    simplicity is gone.
    David Crosby
    -Something so beautiful and simple can be ruined by over analyzing it.

    5. And you can’t find the tears that aint coming
    or the moment of truth in your lies
    when everything feels like the movies
    Yeah, you bleed just to know your alive.
    Iris-Go Go Dolls
    -These words say a lot about me. Doing the job that I do, I have become numb
    to most of my emotions. This is good and bad....good in the sense that you
    cant see the things I have and expect to take all that emotion in and be able
    to deal with it without some form of release...bad in the sense that I have
    become numb. You want to cry for a hurt child but cant, lie to someone
    that’s in a car wreck that you know is going to die but while holding their
    hand you tell them everything is going to be fine. Out of everything in life,
    this scares me the most.....what is life with no emotion.

    6. Seems like salvation only comes in your dreams.
    Nine Inch Nails
    -I have come to believe that the only time I am at peace with myself is when
    I sleep.

    7. You pay a toll to get to Heaven, but on the road to Hell there is none.
    Blood Hound Gang
    -I know this line has a heavy religious tone but this is what I see............
    I have worked hard to get where I'm at and I never took any short cuts
    and I have paid my my price, be it good or bad. The only constant is I did
    it myself with no handouts.

    8. It's time for us as people to start making some changes
    Let's change the way we eat, Lets change the way we live
    and let's change the way we treat each other.
    You see the old way wasn't working
    so it's on us to do what we gotta do.
    -I'm not going to comment but this speaks tons about what we as mankind
    need to do.

    9. I've been beaten
    I've been stabbed
    I've been hung
    I've been buried alive
    and I can deal with that.
    Alice Cooper
    -I have been through a lot in my twenty-six years and I used to let things that
    that happened then get me down now. I have come to realize that all those
    things have made me the good person I am today. Anything that is put in my
    path I can handle.

    10. I'm dying of thirst in the middle of the ocean.
    Styx-Man in the Wilderness
    -People are surrounded by things that are very close to what they need, but
    not close enough.

    11. Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes.
    Billy Joel-Say Goodbye to Hollywood
    -When you break it down to its simplest form this is all life really is.

    12. Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy.
    Eagles-Take it easy
    -Ever set and ponder about things it they seem to consume you.....I do.

    13. Out on the road today, I saw a "Deadhead" sticker on a Cadillac.
    A little voice inside my head said, "Don’t look back. You can never
    look back".
    Don Henly-The Boys of Summer
    -This line reminds me to always look forward to the future and not to dwell
    on the past.

    14. You look into the eyes of the man above you.
    I was the one who tried to love you.
    Alice Cooper-Love is a Loaded Gun.
    -I hate it when people purposely want what’s bad for them, especially when
    a much better choice is obviously there.

    15. And as the sunlight faded, I spoke to the faintest first starlight
    and I time.....
    We'll get it right.
    Bob Seger-Roll Me Away
    -These words empower matter how many times I fail...I will
    overcome if I just keep trying.

    16. Its not a question,
    but a lesson learned in time.
    Green Day-Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
    -I think this may be the best way to describe life.

    17. I close my eyes,
    only for a moment and the moments gone.
    Kansas-Dust in the Wind
    -This is a depressing yet very rational lyric...Never let anything you want
    pass you by.

    18. I have become comfortably numb.
    Pink Floyd-Comfortably Numb
    -With the hurt emotions and angry feelings I have seen/caused sometimes I
    think I have become numb to other peoples feelings.

    19. I will choose a path that’s clear....
    I will choose free will.
    Rush-Free Will
    -I am the one that controls my destiny. I am the one responsible

    for my actions.

    20. If you said goodbye to me tonight,
    there would still be music left to write.
    Billy Joel-The Longest Time
    -After someone/something close to you is gone the memories remain.

    21. Now whatever happened
    Tuesday is oh so slow
    Goin' down the old mine with a
    transistor radio.
    Standin' in a sunlight laughing
    hidin' behind a rainbow wall
    slippin' and a sliddin' yeah
    all along the water fall
    Van Morrison-Brown Eyed Girl
    -Although this is a great song I have a confession. For the longest time I
    misunderstood the lyrics and below is what I thought was said....

    "Now whatever happened
    Tuesday is so slow
    Going down with the old man
    with a transistor radio
    standing in the sun light laughing
    hidin' behind a rainbow wall........."

    -Now this is what I'm going to comment on (the misunderstood lyrics).
    When I think of this it makes me happy because in my minds eye this
    is what I see.....An old town with a view looking down main street. Old
    1960's buildings on each side. A 70 year old black man with rough
    skin, tired eyes, gray hair, and a Grandfather aura about him
    standing inthe middle of the road. He is wearing stained blue jean overalls with a white t-shirt. He has on an old button up work shirt with the sleeves rolled up to
    his forearms. He is holding an old radio and just looking straight at you
    smiling. Even though you can look at him and tell he has had a hard life
    he is very happy. One day I am going to commission a painter to paint
    this scene and hang it in my house.

    22. Day after day I'm more confused
    So I look for the light in the pouring rain.
    You know that’s a game that I hate to lose
    I'm feeling the strain, aint it a shame.
    Dobie Gray-Drift Away
    -I'm the type of person that never lets anything get them down. I try to
    see the best in every situation no matter how bad it is. Sometimes it’s hard
    to do and I do feel the strain but I can do it because even the worst things
    have to have a little good in it........right.

    23. And when my mind is free,
    You know a melody can move me.
    Dobie Gray-Drift Away
    -If you have taken the time to read all this, then you should understand that
    this is what it’s all about. When I feel the need to relax and need to free my
    mind I can put on a good tune and drift away.
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    No that's what this thread is about.
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    hah, my ex sent me those lyrics with the follow up "i hope you had the time of your life" in an email just after she dumped me, so I have a love/hate relationship with that song. Hate because yeah obviously it reminds me of the pain, love because it reminds me that i'm rid of her now :D 

    The only one I can think of right now:

    [quote="Seventy Times Seven", by Brand New]Is that what you call a getaway?
    So tell me what you got away with
    I've seen more spine in jellyfish
    I've seen more guts in eleven-year-old kids
    Have another drink and drive yourself home
    I hope there's ice on all the roads
    And you think of me when you forget your seatbelt
    And again when your head goes through the windshield[/quote]

    Again, because it reminds me of the above lady. I really am a vindictive bastard, aren't I? :lol 

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