Great deal for Sale or Trade before Jan 1, deal will end.

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by XSolidxVenomX, Dec 23, 2011.

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    All TF will free shipping for only USA.

    Remember, Before Jan 1... it's will deal end.

    You want buy it or trade....
    For Trade, I looking for iGear Lightining aka MP Thundercracker MISB,
    Cybertron Scattorshot(Voyager Class) loose 100% C.
    Gold Jungle(green) Cyber Key
    Transformers Death Star Darth Vader, MISB
    RID Scourge, MISB

    $130 or more will Negotiated price. $120 or less won't go to low prices.

    I only accept Paypal as Gift only.

    All TF Figures are 100% complete and no missing pieces.

    1. Buster Optimus SOLD
    Tire parts Mod(hip) from Savio-prime, do you want to know how is transforming with tire parts to Robot or Vehicle mode? this will explain to you, see on
    Articulate hands from Fakebusker83
    Including original hands
    Blades have magnet
    Including Matrix have silver sharpie color(from ROTF Voyage OP)
    Swap faceplate(no mouth)(I did swap his faceplate from ROTF 2-pack buster OP & Jefire)
    See his pin on flame paint have white line, that's from Original ROTF Buster OP.

    2. Cybertron Galaxy Force Optimus, MIB
    Notice on his faceplate have silver line by his eye and mouth between? I added silver sharpie on his nose horizon line.

    3. Cybertron Galvatron, MIB
    His stomach aka cockpit have bit crack.. but not bad and nothing affect with transforming.

    4. Botcon Banzaitron and Botcon Elita-1, No separate.
    Banzaitron is perfect and nothing mod or paint.
    Elita-1 have mod for her kidde-back allow off.

    5. Movie Black Arcee,
    Her transparency eyes(blue or purple) is swap from Movie Pink Arcee's eyes.

    6. Armada Nemesis Prime,
    His light gray(or silver?) plastic is swap from Armada Deluxe Optimus.

    7. Hybrid Black Convoy, MIB
    His all Pieces are 100% complete, no missing pieces(notes: all pieces are not show in pic, they are in MIB)
    His Axe have red sharpie color
    His Matrix is not finish with paint, :(  I'm lazy for not doing paint on matrix then you can do it by yourself.

    8. Henkei Hot Rod, MIB + Fansproject Protector/sidearm MIB, SOLD
    Protector's Orange Spoiler is missing pieces but I have Gold/chrome Spoiler for Henkei Hot Rod.

    Bonus: If you purchase with TF then I will give you free 2 to 3 TF Figures. It's mostly Movie, ROTF, DOTM toys and maybe classic(or generations)
    ROTF Skywarp, MISB SOLD
    ROTF Ramjet, 100% C. SOLD
    DOTM BB, 100% C.---Heavy Mod SOLD
    DOTM Cyberfire BB, 100% C.---unfinish custom SOLD
    DOTM Thundercracker, 100% C. SOLD
    HFTD Payload, 100% C. SOLD
    Premium Movie Jazz, 100% C.---MOD SOLD
    HFTD Starscream Leader Class, Articulate hands(from Fakebusker83) 100% C. SOLD
    Movie Rescue Ratchet, 100% C.---some swap parts. SOLD
    ROTF Mixmaster, 100% C. SOLD
    ROTF Breakaway(dark variant), 100% C. SOLD

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