Grant Morrison's Run: An Audiobook in the Making

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    Grant Morrison's Batman Run: An Audiobook in the Making

    Grant Morrison's Batman Audiobook Youtube Channel

    As a side project, I've started to voice act all of Grant Morrison's run on the Batman title. It is a daunting task, but something I'm looking forward too. This will be over 50 episodes long, and a few items of note:
    52 Week 30 and 47 will be combined into one episode after Batman and Son finishes.
    The Clown at Midnight is a special episode
    I'm going to do a non Morrison Batman story for a Christmas special. I'm not going to say which, but there is really only one worthy Batman Christmas story
    I will not do Final Crisis, I will do 701 and 702 in it's place
    666 will be done at a later time
    The beginning of Batman and Robin 16 will be tacked on to the end of Return 16
    Haven't decided about Batman Inc yet, but chances are high
    No Arkham Asylum or Gothic
    700 will be a special episode

    Episode One: Batman 655 Building a Better Batmobile

    Last Episode (Made as Test) Batman and Robin 16, Black Mass
    As a test, I actually started with the last episode, Batman and Robin 16. It has spoilers for the run, but chances are if you've opened this thread then you've read it already.

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