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    people when it comes to the maximal high council and the maximal elders in general it has been made rather clear that they are not above committing certain acts of a questionable/ slash corrupt nature when it so suits their motives

    acts such as either having a fellow cybertronains mind and or personality forcibly altered in a nonconsenting manner and or memmories wiped for example.

    if anything they treated the newly emerging predacon society as being the third rate citizens of cybertonion society in large part due to the single fact that the predacons were themselves the decendents of the decepticons.

    the result of those actions being that a lone predacon would eventually exist who would serve as the imbodiment of the very corruption/ hate/ and animosity that was bred into predacon society by the maximal elders. in their attempt to prevent the predacons from repeating history with a new uprsing and a full return to the great war they merely sowed the seeds of their very distruction instead.

    now people i have a question concerning the bw episode gorilla warfare.

    how would it have gon over at the time, if for

    one beast wars/ beast machines and robots in disguise had been created from the start with the intention being that rid would serve as the final chapter of a trilogy

    for 2 gorilla warfare instead aired as a 2 or even a 3 part episode that in some part delved into primals past and in some part explored alluded to the possiblity that he himself was a clone of the original optimus prime albeit one who had his mind wiped memmory wise and also alluded in some part with out actually saying it in a straight and forward manner that he had at some point in the past had his personality forcibly modified in a nonwilling manner

    and for 3 instead of explaining away his violent bursurker attitude as being the result of scorponoks virul mind bug it instead explained it away as being his original personality reasserting itself over the modified version of his personality and reasserting domminance over his mind and person.

    me i figure if it had played out like that over the years that at best it would have over time alluded to the possiblity that rid scourge eventually went on to become optimus primal

    from what i read over the years i think it was hasbro that explained away optimus primals resmeblance to the original optimus prime as being due to the maximal elders paying their tribute and their respects to the late optimus prime by creating in his very image a maximal who would imbody those very beliefs as a living maximal warrior.

    one could all to easily find an alternate truth to that line when it comes to the whole clone scenario.

    what are your thoughts people?
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    On the first part, it's definitely been more than alluded to that the Maximal Elders/rulers do a lot of stuff that could be considered unethical at best, (such as covering up stuff or locking away info about the past) presumably for the sake of 'keeping order and peace'. I'd guess it's general politics as seen from the outside.

    On the second part, sounds like the makings of a fanfic to me.
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    I think its much more likely that Optimus Primal is simply another simple Autobot/Maximal, thrust into a situation by fate and chosen by destiny to rise to the challenge and become a true leader. Its entirely possible that, whether in his design, or simply through the workings of the allspark, Optimus Primal has that potential for greatness (let's call it "the touch", shall we?) that the matrix finds, nourishes, and amplifies. Even without touching the spark of the original Optimus Prime and the Matrix, he accomplished much in the beast wars, safeguarding his charges and the world itself. I don't recall any evidence that would seem to indicate his memory was wiped, but hey, if you want to run with it, be my guest.
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    He's not a clone. He's just a good leader in his own right.

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