Going to Chicago: Quick sales! Only for less than 48 hours!

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    Shipping to the US only, PM me what you want + zip code for shipping info. If you plan on buying a good amount I will give LARGE discounts. Paypal only please. These items are only for sale for the next 48 hours. I require payment by Tuesday night if you want your items shipped same day, otherwise no later than Wednesday 8AM PST (Items wont be shipped for a week).

    TM2 Cheetor $7
    TM Dinobot $7
    TM Clawjaw (UK Exclusive) $25 (I never see this on ebay)

    Japanese VS set: TM Optimus Primal vs TM Megatron (comes in torn box with packaging). This is a cool set and the figures are SHOW ACCURATE. The plastic parts on Primal are especially stunning as some of his parts are made in translucent purple plastic. Megatron looks more intimidating when compared to his US release. Both figures are by far better than the US releases.

    Rare McDonald's promo (non-transforming) figures. These were only available in the St. Louis area in 1986 (or something along those lines) They don't transform, but cool to have as a part of Transformer history. Pretty darn rare as well. (2 figures for $30)

    Transformers 20th Anniversary Litho (original smaller release). I got it as a gift way back when, the awesome litho with all the characters on it. Pretty sweet. I got it years ago and its still rolled up. I never for a chance to frame it. It may have a few minor bends and creases, but nothing major. http://www.electric-escape.net/node/752?PH...ed6491be070fe6c ($30)

    Marvel Legends: Omega Red sealed with sentinel piece ($10)

    Voltron DVD metal tin sets: The first 3 sets in the series all in metal tins. They are in perfect condition, 2 are sealed and brand new, one has been opened. ($20 each or all 3 sets for $45)

    Grand Theft Auto IV (Xbox 360) Opened, played, works perfect -$43

    For the fastest way to contact me (DO NOT PM, I don't check as often)

    AIM: TigerPrawnmaster
    Email: Ironchefsonny@yahoo.com

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